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621 Area Code – Location, Time Zone. Toll-Free? Scam?

Is Area Code 621 Toll-Free?No
Major CitiesUnassigned
621 Area Code

It can be annoying when a new area code appears on your phone’s screen. Your curiosity grows, and you wonder if you should pick up the phone or where it is coming from. Below are some frequently asked questions about area code 621, as well as information that may help you with your concerns.

621 Area Code – Location?

621 is one of the area codes that will be used as a General Purpose area code for use throughout North America. Any numbers 621-xxx-xxx do not exist because they have not been set for use by the North American Numbering Plan Administrator, and incoming calls from this area code could be a scam.

Are calls coming from area code 621 a scam?

There’s a chance that calls from this area code are associated with scammers. There are numerous indicators that the call you are currently receiving is from a scammer. The caller’s phone number may be unusual. It may also appear that the call is coming from the same state as you, but it is actually coming from another country.

The caller may try to pass themselves off as someone you know. For instance, claiming to be a member of a company’s customer service department. If you receive a call from a number you do not recognize, do not answer it. Only respond to a call from a number you recognize. If you answer a suspicious phone call, hang up and block the number from your phone to avoid receiving calls from that number in the future.

Is area code 621 toll-free?

621 is not a toll-free number. This area code is not toll-free, despite the fact that it has not been assigned for use, and calls from this area code could be a scam. Calls made from any 621-xxx-xxx number are not valid.


There is no 621-xxx-xxx number. Note that this area code will eventually be used as a General Purpose area code. Unknown calls should not be answered because they could be from a scammer. Look it up on the internet and see where the phone number originated.

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