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Is Area Code 751 Toll-Free?No
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New area codes can pique one’s interest. Receiving calls from this area code can be unsettling, especially if you have no idea where the call is coming from or if the call is not from a scammer. Don’t worry, we’ve addressed some of your concerns about area code 751 below.

What is the origin of area code 751?

As of today, area code, 751 is not in use. It has been designated as a General Purpose Area Code, which means it does not belong to a specific geographic area. Area code 751 is still a telephone area code in the North American Numbering Plan, even though it is not in use.

Is area code 751 a scam?

There are no 751-xxx-xxx numbers. If you receive a call or text message from any 751 number, ignore it because it is not legitimate. The call could be from a scammer, and if you answer it, a charge will be made to your account. Scammers may also pose as someone you trust, such as a customer service representative or a representative from a government agency.

They would almost certainly request your personal information. Never respond to any questions about your personal information. If the caller mentions a company name, do some research on it by using Google. If the number cannot be located, immediately end the call and block the number.

751 Area Code

Is 751 Area Code toll-free?

Although area code 751 has not been assigned for use by the NANPA, it is definitely not a toll-free telephone number. On the other hand, calling a 751 number is not possible since any 751-xxx-xxx number does not exist. If you receive a call coming from this area code, it is a spam call do not answer it. Also, if you have discovered that the call you received before is associated with scammers, you can file a complaint online to the Federal Communications Commission.


If the caller is unknown to you, do not answer. If you were unable to locate any valid information about the number that was used for calling after conducting a Google search, proceed to block the number from your phone. You can block a suspicious number from your phone using the instructions provided above. Furthermore, any calls from area code 751 are invalid because 751-xxx-xxx numbers do not exist.

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