Backlink: Your comprehensive guide to building and buying backlinks

backlink building

backlink building

The phrase “backlink” or “backlinks” is one of the most commonly used words in the world of SEO, a lot of new websites and bloggers on the Internet are struggling to build external links.

Google’s search algorithms have more than 200 Google ranking workers, and getting links from other websites is one of those factors, but is it the most powerful factor for Google’s search results?

In this article, I wish to give you an understanding of what backlinks are “backlinks,” and why they are essential to the success of your SEO efforts.

backlink building
backlink building

What are “Backlinks”?

For BackLink simply is a link from one website to another that refers to your site, search engines like Google use backlinks as a powerful signal for classification because when one website links to another site, it means they think the content is trustworthy, high-quality backlinks can help increase the ranking and visibility of the site in search engine results.

Building external links helps you get higher popularity for your site which strongly influences search engine arrangements and helps you in the process of topping up in search engines, according to Google search engine there are 4 types of links

The Do follow: which is the link followed, which is the link that bears the label “Rel =” follow or does not bear the No follow of course the links that do not rel = “.

No follow A non-followed link, in which case you tell a search engine crawler not to track these links, and you bear the rel = “no follow” tag.

UGC link: This is a link of contents and comments created by visitors and users and bearing the rel = “ugc” tag.

sponsored link: These are the advertising links paid for, which are the advertising links and carry the rel = “sponsored marking

The Importance of Backlink

Google Algorithm has changed a lot in the past few years, but high-quality backlink building strategies have remained among the most important refresh points for search engines, if you have more backlinks from high-quality sites, you will get better results in search engines, obviously Backlinks prove to search engines how popular your website is.

If you want to increase the ranking of your Google search engine pages and increase the number of visits to your site, you should build strong links to your site from high-quality sites.

PacLink plays an important role in improving the ranking of your results on search engines.

If you send your article or site to more high-quality websites (Geist Post), you will get more links that provide more visitors to your site.

Building your site links has benefits beyond search engine results, when your site link is in other sites your website will be able to gain more brand fame and gain more brand confidence and fame.

Moz shows you how important it is to get a backlink for your site: What Is Link Building & Why Is It Important

Does backlink No follow not affect SEO?

Wrong! Yeah, that’s the truth about an experiment!

Have you ever asked yourself this question: If Pak Link Novelo is not helpful in SEO! So why Google Search Console calculates and displays it in links that refer to your site?

Have you noticed this before you can go yourself to the Webmaster’s dashboard to see many Pak Link Novlo websites that refer to your site?


PacLink Novlo has an impact on the SEO process and on your Google arrangements. This is something you don’t try to doubt because when I do marketing for any word arrangements I start building high-quality Novlo links and what I find has evolved in arrangements and high results!

It also influences the strength of your domain, although many deny it, I think SEO veteran experts want to give you links from the Buck Link Duflo sites for the difficulty of this process so much today that delays your progress and makes the market easier for them!

Also keep in mind that Google understands that the process of getting a Pak Link Do-follow, has become complicated. What it is looking for today is a high-quality Pak Link indicating your location. You should forget about Novello and Duflo.

That’s the truth. Don’t let anyone deceive you. In 2020, a lot of things have varied and a lot of them have become complicated. But if you build it on logic and experience, that’s the truth.

A few years ago, Google’s primary means of evaluating your site was backlinks pointing to your site.

These links are called “backlinks,” and can be either your homepage or your articles.

When a web page refers to another web page, part of the value of this page is added to the other page “which you refer to”.

As a result, getting Back Link Duflo from high-quality sites can quickly increase the order of your site pages and thus increase your credibility with Google.

Remember this was a few years ago!

The process of acquiring PakLink from high-quality websites was equivalent to gold on the Internet, and hence SEO experts worked more actively to get iPakLink from any powerful site to increase search engine ratings.

They have followed all ways to get background links, including paying for a backlink.

This of course broke Google’s algorithm and destroyed Google’s core goals of delivering high-quality content to search engine users.

Before you start the process of getting a backlink you should make sure to get a good user experience to get better arrangements in search engines, the SEO process has become complicated and the Google search engine has become smarter.

This is due to an AI system that has helped the search engine to understand users’ needs and know content with great accuracy. You should take care of the content first before you start getting a backlink, or think about the process of buying links, but buying links is a double-edged weapon.

What all SEO experts agree on is that buying backlinks is a double-edged sword; On the one hand, your site may be penalized by Google, on the other hand, you can use it to increase your site rating.

Just as well-rated sites have a relatively large number of backlinks, sites with very low ranking also have a large number of backlinks; Therefore, a good ranking of reputable sites cannot only be associated with the number of backlinks.

This issue needs further analysis.

Google’s view on buying backlinks

According to Google, buying a backlink is a black hat style for optimizing search engines, it’s a way to trick or mislead Google and other search engines so that your website is rated higher than it’s worth.

As you know, Google site optimization is divided into two categories: internal search engine optimization and external search engine optimization, and building backlinks in the external search engine optimization category or SEO of the page.

So far we know that backlinks or backlinks actually search engine optimization technology; But there are different ways to implement this technique, including buying background links.

It’s good to know that if you buy direct background links, you don’t do search engine optimization of the page properly; But if you pay for a reputable website with the aim of promoting your brand and with a backlink to your site – like what’s in the reports ads that happen – the subject matter is a little different.

In fact, Google may make three decisions when dealing with a website’s backlink:

  • Improve your ranking.
  • Take no action.
  • Punishment for you on backlinks.

When you create background links and Google decides to improve the ranking of your site, it takes about 10 weeks for your ranking to rise one step

Buying high-quality backlinks is also relatively common among webmasters; However, the backlinks obtained from this method cannot be of high quality in the eyes of most search engines.

Google opposes artificially creating all kinds of external links but has repeatedly stressed that external links that reach your site should be created naturally by your fans because they consider your site worthy of offering it to their users.

So using private blog networks may be safer.

Why Buying BackLink Wrong?

If you have a long-term vision of your online business and want to be in good search engine ratings for a long time, it’s best to forget to buy backlinks or backlinks.

Why? Each link entering your site is like a positive vote for your site.

When the number of such votes increases, according to Google, you will be able to win the election by a majority vote and reach the position of representatives of top sites.

Now, what if Google finds out you’ve got this status by buying votes? This position will take away from you, or in other words, your site will be arranged seriously.

It is interesting to know that according to Google, not all backlinks are equal, some links are more valuable than others, and depend on some things:

Website credibility where the link is placed should be a valid location with the right DA.
The words used about the link should be linked to the link so that Google understands what page is linked to the link.
For example, many people undoubtedly use the word “book” about links when linking to Amazon.

This allows Google to understand the semantic relationship between Amazon’s website and the book, and the ability to rank these Amazon pages well in the relevant categories.

But due to the lack of links that are offered to Amazon with the text “Car,” Amazon has no good place for the word car in Google.
Google may not appreciate or appreciate some backlinks; Like links from unreliable sources to your site.

Worse still, Google may decide that backlinks should be used to punish a site if you think your site has bought backlinks and tries to circumvent in order to be able to arrange faster than it’s worth.

How do you get punished for buying backlinks?

  1. Manual Penalties.
    While many Google penalties are automatically imposed, there are penalties imposed on you by human visitors; This means that one user noticed the backlink purchase process and reported it to Google.

When a manual penalty is applied to you, a message will be sent to you in the Google Search Console webmaster’s dashboard.

You will also receive an email in this regard.

  1. Algorithmic penalties.
    Algorithm penalties occur when Google removes algorithm updates (such as Penguin updates that relate to the quality of backlinks and the struggle to buy backlinks). This process happens all the time.

Since Google algorithms always work, sites that violate Google guidelines will be penalized.

Algorithmic penalties are difficult to determine; Because unlike the manual penalty, you will not be sent any warning about it.

The only way to find out is a sudden decrease in the ranking of the site or a sudden decrease in traffic on the site; Of course, it can also be the result of any algorithm, except for backlinks.

How does Google detect your backlinks?

Some inexperienced site moderators and search engine optimists are optimistic about how Google will find out if they’ve bought backlinks. They think they’re smarter than Google.

What they underestimate is the fact that Google’s ability to create and interpret data goes beyond our understanding.

If you think that using a dedicated IP VPN like PureVPN can help you hide footprints, this is controversial. Google has devised a number of ways to discover this

  1. Locating the sale of backlinks
    First of all, I commissioned a team of experts to explore the virtual world and identify sites that sell backlinks.

Google will naturally penalize sites whose links appear in these popular sites that sell backlinks.

Fortunately, Google sends a message titled Abnormal Links to such sites in Google Search Console’s manual procedure section, informing site officials about the penalty.

  1. A sudden increase in the number of backlinks
    Also, when you buy background links, the number of links coming to your site suddenly increases and Google notes this using its tool.
  2. Quality of backlinks
    Sites selling backlinks are usually a kind of linkage farm; This means that it is full of links to different locations with different themes that are not at all similar to some.

However, the objective importance of the site from which you obtain background links is one of the quality standards of backlinks.

These types of sites also put background links not on board but in worthless places such as the appendix or in the margins of the site with small and crowded lines, which of course reduces the quality of the links and makes them suspicious.

Common mistakes in buying backlinks

You must have seen many websites that offer backlink selling services for you.

You have to be very careful of these exploiters. Because buying backlinks, if not professional and principled, can destroy your website.

One type of search engine optimizer is negative search engine optimizers that your competitors may do to destroy your Google site.

So if you’re not careful, you may do negative search engine enhancers for your site and everything will collapse overnight. Here are some things to look out for when choosing your own

  1. Buy cheap background links
    Many people in cyberspace offer you free background links.

When you come across such an ad, it means that a site with a cheap Backlink offer is likely to attract a lot of business owners and will soon post many backlinks to its site for all kinds of websites, which is certainly dangerous for optimizing your site’s search engines.

  1. Buy Background Links Wholesale
    Google monitors the number of links received to your site. When you see a large number of links streaming into your site, it imposes penalties on your site.

In this regard, Google will definitely use its Panda algorithm and recognize the imbalance in building your link

  1. Free Pak Link
    In this method, a series of online tools enter your address into online test guides.

This kind of SEO backlink hits your site in two ways:

Firstly, you get a lot of links in time which, as mentioned earlier, have a detrimental effect on your website.
Secondly, you get a lot of backlinks from low-value pages.

  1. Buy External Backlink
    In this example of advertising, the phrase “buy valid backlinks” is used to make you think that the backlinks purchased are quite useful for your site.

However, according to Google, the only factors that value backlinks are the theme of the page and site that relates to your site and the credibility of your domain

How to buy a backlink without punishing Google?

Backlinks that link to your site from reputable websites that also contain relevant words and phrases in or around this link to your site theme will no doubt not only be punished by Google but will also improve the ranking of the site in Google.

Backlinks that SEO experts describe as quality and that Google views as votes for your website.

These types of Backlinks are published as advertising reports on reputable websites


What is clear to us from this article and the analysis we conducted is that getting a buck link is good but not the strongest factor in Google right now, the calculations and estimates varied to get the best results in the search engine, and a backlink is a point within an integrated strategy.

If you accept the advice do not make the process of building links your first goal, this comparison shows you that good content is the basis of the arrangement process.

Catching keywords doesn’t need to basically build external links now, it needs to create more quality content.

If you have any problems or want help and support, feel free to contact Seo Master.

If you are an SEO specialist and you see a different view we will be happy if you leave your comment to discuss how important it is to build external links (Pak Link) and to benefit the rest of our followers.

Would you like more about backlinks? Here are additional sources about building the Backlink:

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