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Carl Hansen & Son and EOOS. Collaborated to develop a versatile modular couch that finds a great balance between a light wooden frame and soft upholstery.

beautifully combining EOOS’s strong sense of modern aesthetics with Carl Hansen & Son’s high manufacturing traditions.

EOOS and Carl Hansen & Son worked together for several years to improve the expression and functionality of the Embrace couch.

EOOS designers explain how the couch came to be.

“Carl Hansen & Son’s interesting and in-depth understanding of wood was essential in the creation of the Embrace sofa. This has resulted in a couch that truly reflects both the concept of EOOS and Carl Hansen & Son. We attempted to keep the materials used in the couch to a minimum.

so that the appearance embodies the design and the design embodies the look. We wanted to strike a compromise between keeping the sofa as simple as possible without sacrificing comfort or functionality.”

The Embrace couch is made up of 10 modules, each of which may be combined in any way imaginable, but they can also stand alone, making the sofa extremely versatile. The wooden frame and solid back have a strict appearance .while the piping cord on the upholstery creates precisely emphasized lines that enhance the textile or leather seam. The soft down covering on the seat contrasts with the strict appearance and, coupled with the loose cushions on the couch gives pleasant.

enveloping comfort. The couch frame is solid wood. as are the modules with armrests and tables. and this mix of features allows you to select how much wood or upholstery you want in the look.

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