How To Edit Or Change A Snapchat Story After Posting

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Stories are the most significant part of the Snapchat experience, even more so than the ability to send snaps to other users. An Instagram story is a picture or a video that you share with the world on your profile and which remains visible to everyone for the next 24 hours. You can only share or remove a story after it has been posted; there is no way to go back and modify it. The “Memory” feature on Snapchat, on the other hand, allows you to make changes to your video.

What Are Memories and How to Edit Them?

Snapchat Story After Posting

The tales and photos you’ve saved make up your memories. Adding a post to your device’s memory allows you to see it alongside other images and videos. Most importantly, you have the ability to edit and share your Memories with others in the form of photos, tales, or private messages. In this manner:

  1. Open Snapchat.
  2. Tap the large circular button at the bottom of the screen to bring up the Camera screen if it isn’t already there.
  3. Using the Memories button next to the Shutter button, you may access your photos. Swipe up from any part of the screen to access the menu.
  4. Select whether you want to see all of the photographs saved on your smartphone or only a specific subset, such as only stories or only snaps, in the Memories menu.
  5. Tap the image you would like to edit.
  6. Once the menu opens, press and hold your finger on the screen until it asks you what you want to do with the image or video you’ve selected.
  7. Select Edit Snap from the menu that appears.
  8. This will take you to editing mode. Let your imagination run wild!

Using the Export Snap option, you can send it to someone outside of Snapchat, whilst using the Send Snap option, you can send it to Snapchat or publish it as a story to Snapchat.

Editing Options

With your stories in hand, it should be clear that there are numerous possibilities. Splitting and trimming videos are both options. All of the other choices can be utilized for both video and photo purposes.. Add filters to your Snaps in the same way you would on Instagram by swiping left and right through the available options. The right-hand side of the screen will display a vertical toolbar that includes the following buttons:

  1. Type a word or two. Text color and style can be customized. If you don’t tap on an object you’ve made while editing, you can also launch the Type menu by just tapping on the screen. Changes can be made by tapping on a text object that you’ve already created.
  2. Rotate or resize an object as desired. Hold it in place while using another finger to guide it. You can either zoom in or out by swiping one way or the other. Not simply texts are affected by this rule.
  3. Emojis can be painted with the emoji brush tool, which lets you apply many at once to a single location. In addition to this, you may also modify the size of your brush.
  4. Add a sticker to your picture. Additionally, you can add a sticker you’ve just created by tapping the scissors icon instead of the one you’ve previously added. You may also use this method to add and modify a single emoji.
  5. You can use any image you choose to create a sticker. To do this, select an object and then use the scissors to cut it out. When you’ve finished making your pick, simply let go of the button.
  6. Add up to one URL to your snap.
  7. The clock icon lets you set how long your snap stays on the screen once opened. You can either assign a limit ranging between a second and ten seconds or just remove the limit.


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