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What does a DHL shipment on hold mean? On this platform, I will discuss DHL shipment on hold, which will provide you with more information about your parcel.

Which you had ordered online, or some of your urgent documents as you require them, as well as their delivery time and why they are on hold.

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DHL Shipment on Hold – What Does this Mean?

dhl Shipment  on hold

Nowadays everyone is busy in their lives. In the old days, people use to send their letters or invitation cards a few months before.

Even if they require urgent documents, they should receive them within a month. However, there are now many shipping companies that include DHL shipments.

DHL is also regarded as one of the best international shipping companies.

It offers the best customer service to millions of people worldwide. The DHL delivery process is simple economy shipping within the shipping time.

Customs officers are inspecting the parcels for security and Customer Care.

Your postal address or contact information is incorrect, or the receiver has closed its deliveries due to unforeseen circumstances, or the package description on your parcel is incorrect.

The phrase “DHL shipment on hold” is simply shipping/logistics and courier business jargon for when your package/shipment has stopped moving to its destination for one reason or another. As a result, your package may not arrive within the specified/estimated delivery time.

What to do when you have a delay in the DHL Shipment?

DHL shipment is a shipping company that delivers your parcel at the exact time you specify. They can provide whatever the receiver requests.

DHL’s tracking website allows you to track your package online.

If your shipment’s tracking information does not show any updates, it means that it will take a few days to update or that it is under observation.

DHL delivery Delay your parcel in these ways: there will be a problem with your Delivery Item, the address for delivery must be perfect, or there will be a Customs Clearance issue.

So you can contact the merchant of the company or shipper to verify your shipping number (barcode).

Then you can contact DHL customer service directly. You can quickly get helpline numbers from the DHL Express website.

Should you worry if DHL Shipment gets on hold?

DHL Express is a global shipping company that operates on a global scale.

Assume you say it simply: they pick up your ordered online parcel and deliver it to your correct postal address.

The main thing is that you decide to buy the best items online and provide your correct contact information.

DHL express closely monitors your contact information once it arrives in your country or city.

Occasionally, you will receive an unexpected delivery before the specified time. It is normal and understandable to be concerned about your shipment if there is a delay.

You can contact customer service to obtain information about your shipment; there is no need to be concerned about it.

The website provides a quick way to obtain the helpline number.

Typically, shipments are held up due to bad weather, incomplete documents provided by the customer, accidents on shipping routes, or incidents involving the delivery boy.

Where will be by nearest delivery point?

There are many courier service companies globally, but DHL express shipping company is an international company.

They ship packages all over the world. As a result, it has many branches in various countries.

If you want to find your nearest DHL express shipping delivery point, you can use the DHL website to search for the nearest service point based on your postal address or city zip code number.

Here is the location of the nearest DHL delivery location in my city.

Columbia-CAE- customs brokerage Only

Address- 3245 plat springs route suite 200

West Columbia, south carolina29170.

Telephone- 803-540-8300.

Fax – (803) 540-8412.

What Does Return to Shipper Mean With DHL?

There is no need to be concerned if your DHL shipment is on hold.

If it is causing a delay for your courier, it is safe with the company. Return to shipper refers to parcels that are undeliverable or must be resent to the company.

Every shipping company has a standard return to shipper policy.

If there is an issue with your selected/ordered items, your delivery may be put on hold or resent to the sender’s address.

Your shipment may be returned to the shipper if you do not pay the customs fee or provide incorrect contact information.

If you do not pick up your shipment within seven days, this act will return it to the sender’s address.

So, after paying the customs fee or Dockyard charges, try to collect your shipment as soon as possible.

What will happen if no one is at home to collect the DHL shipment package?

There are many shipping companies around the world, and each one has its own set of policies, just as DHL express shipping does.

If you ordered your parcel and it was picked up by the company, the delivery time begins.

You can track your shipment online and keep an eye on it once it arrives in your city.

Before delivering your shipment, the delivery boy will contact you using your contact information, ask you about your location, and schedule a time to clear the delivery boy about your timings and location.

Unfortunately, if you are not available at home during the specified time, you can notify the delivery boy by calling him on the specified number.

You can inform him of another location where you are available. You can pick up the delivery at your office or any other location.

But be patient because it will take some time after that.

So no need to worry about your shipment parcel if you are not at home.

They will contact you first. If you are not at home, the delivery boy will inform DHL express,

And customer service will contact you and tell you about your shipment, Or you can inform your neighbor / relative to collect it. 

Reasons Behind DHL Shipment on Hold

DHL shipment delivers your courier within the specified time frame, but your shipment is held or shows awaiting delivery scan due to unforeseen circumstances. The following are some of the reasons:

Bad Weather Condition

If your parcel is on hold or delays, it may be due to bad weather conditions.

Because your shipment reached you in different ways and vehicles such as through airplanes, ships or trucks, etc., like its heavy rain, sand storm, heavy waves in seas, etc

Other Forms of Natural Disasters

If your tracking information indicates that your shipment status is on hold, this could be due to natural disasters such as thunderstorms, lightning, landslides, hurricanes, tropical storms, and so on.

That is, of course, not the fault of the shipping companies.

So don’t be concerned if your package is on hold. You can contact customer service to inquire about your parcel and why it is being held.

Port Congestion

One of the reasons why DHL shipment is on hold is port congestion.

When the ship reaches the port and can’t load or unload the ship due to the port’s capacity is full is known as port congestion. So the ships have to wait in queue for their turn.

Once the ship is a load or unloaded, your shipment, which was on hold, will continue, and at last, it will reach you, but it will take some extra time

Changes in Shipping Routes

Some companies use the same routes to deliver the couriers as they do the shipment.

However, due to inclement weather, they must occasionally change shipping routes.

Another type of natural disaster, or a 14-day pandemic quarantine.


DHL Express sends your parcel from the sender to the receiver all over the world.

You can check the status of your courier online and see where it has arrived.

If your shipment is delayed and the tracking information indicates that it is on hold, there is no need to be concerned.

You can get in touch with customer service. There could be a variety of reasons for the shipment being put on hold, including inclement weather.

Incorrect contact and delivery addresses, changes in shipping routes, the company temporarily stopped shipping due to a pandemic, or a problem with your online-ordered product.

So, if your shipment is delayed, be patient and contact customer service to clear up any confusion.

I hope you received the answer of

DHL shipment is being held

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