Dubai Zip Code / Abu Dhabi Postal Code (2021)

Renting or Buying Property in Dubai

Renting or Buying Property in Dubai

Dubai Zip Code / Abu Dhabi Postal Code

Zipcodes are unique to the United States, where they are used by the postal service. Other countries, such as India, use a similar system, such as the PIN code.

Dubai is a city/state in the United Arab Emirates, and the UAE does not use a ZIP / PIN code or anything similar. The post office box number is used instead.

These are not geographical locations, but rather numbered mailboxes to which mail is delivered and can then be collected by that person (s) / company using that post box.

The postal code system does not apply in the United Arab Emirates. You can also use a PO box number.

Items provided by your company will be shipped to you until you receive your personal PO box.

As a result, when a zip code is required (for example, by a payment gateway), any number will suffice.

Dubai Zip Code

People usually use PO box numbers for their work, but almost anyone can find the road.

In the UAE, courier companies rely on a person’s mobile number to deliver goods to them.

Thus, the most important thing is to keep a person’s mobile phone number.

Note that street addresses are not used in the UAE. Here is a sample address from the United Arab Emirates:

Jenny Cooper
P.O.Box 12345
City, UAE

If you are trying to buy something online using your UAE credit card, just type 00000 for the zip code and you should be fine

How do you Apply for a P.O. Box in Abu Dhabi?

While you can use your employer’s PO Box to open bank accounts or register with the Water & Electricity Department (WED will also send you a digital bill if you prefer), you can only receive mailed documents at a personal P.O. Box – not your street address.

You can retrieve items from your P.O. Box by going to the post office assigned to your street. To obtain a P.O. BOX, you must first complete the following steps:

  1. Head to your local post office – you can locate one through Google Maps.
  2. Ask for a rental form at the P.O. Box Rental Counter.
  3. Submit a completed form, copy of your Emirates ID and AED 250 in charges.

If a P.O.Box is available, you will receive a key instantly


You can log onto & navigate to the E-services portal. Select Rent/Renew P.O. Box and make the payment with a UAE-registered credit card.

As some of the sources replied, Dubai does not have a zipcode or zip code.

Dubai Zip Code / Abu Dhabi Postal Code

Instead, there is a Post Office Box Number (Post Office Box Number).

It is also fairly simple; each company or institution has its own PO box number.

Anything that needs to be delivered or done will be done in the appropriate PO box.

But don’t confuse it with something you get after you buy something online.

You can type in your address (home) and the goods will be delivered, just like in any other country.

I stayed here for several months. One of the strangest aspects of this country is that it lacks a traditional zip code system.

I could send packages and letters to family and friends, but they won’t get there unless I rent a post box, which gives me a zip code / postal code.

Unfortunately, I was not alone enough to require one of those people, so I have no firsthand knowledge of how it works.

But, to answer your question, unless someone buys a postal box, the zip codes in Dubai are unclear (which are found in almost all districts).

You will need to check with the person mailing it for the international zip code or, if one exists, go to the Dubai Postal website.

Usps does not have a directory of theirs.

Some countries do not have addresses and people pick up their mail at the post office or postal carrier, just to know where they live.

Dubai zip code (Abu Dhabi postal code) (Dubai postal code) (UAE zip code) (Ajman postal code) (Sharjah postal code)

I’m seeing a lot of new signboards popping up all over town, naming each small street and assigning a formal name to each region.

Although building numbers are not yet a major trend, they will be in the near future.

So this is also heading towards the belly zip code for me.

MAKANI is a great concept, but it has flaws that you won’t notice unless you have a mobile device to guide you.

What is the postal code in Ajman, UAE?

One site said that it is 971+ and 6 for Ajman. Another said that Ajman, United Arab Emirates has the country code and area code 971, (0) 6.

And a third said that the UAE does not use the postal code, a letter should be addressed as follows:

Name: Jenny Cooper
P.O. Box…….
Ajman, UAE

But I will not mislead you, please go to the official site on this link

What is the province of the United Arab Emirates?

The United Arab Emirates is not a large country in relation to region and population.

The UAE has virtually no province. It is a union territory consisting of seven states. The names of these states are as follows.

The country of AE is named Emirates, and it has seven states (United Arab Emirates). The seven emirates are as follows:

  1. Abu Dhabi
  2. Dubai
  3. Sharjah
  4. Ajman
  5. Fujairah
  6. Umm al Quwain
  7. Ras al Khaimah

The other six states, known as Northern states, have their own royal families.

If you want to see the entire country, you can visit all of the Emirates in a single day.

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Each Emirate has its own ruler (the king or crown prince), but they are all bound by the emirate’s federal law.

Where’s the place with the best view in the country of the United

Arab Emirates?

Yes, they were all impressed, and yes, it’s something to check off your bucket list, but the awe only lasts about 15–20 minutes, after which all views from tall or even the tallest structure appear almost identical.

I was fortunate to visit the Twin Towers in 1987, the CN Tower in Toronto in 1988, the Eiffel Tower in 1990, and the Hancock Tower during my time in Boston.

They were all very touristy interpretations of the same concept.

The second thing that happened during my time in the UAE was that I got to know the Emiratis very well.

They took me to their farms and private beaches.

This level of comfort with locals is not common even among many long-term expats in the UAE, let alone short-term tourists, but what I appreciated from them was the country’s simple beauty.

The solitude and beauty of the desert will take your breath away if you only venture a short distance into it.

The sands vary significantly in color and texture by Emirate, and no two places are exactly the same, and each place is completely different by day and night.

In addition, if you drive from Dubai to Fujairah or RAK, you will pass through stunningly beautiful beaches in Fujairah and breathtaking mountains in both.

Yes, go to the glittering malls, and towering skyscrapers and the very artificial water parks, and you can check off everything to impress your friends and relatives back home.

There are many but here are the list of some Architectural and engineering wonders of Dubai where you can get the awesome view

  1. Burj Khalifa (World tallest building) the viewing point on the 124th floor is breathtaking
  2. Palm Islands – Manmade artificial island
  3. Jumeirah lake towers
  4. Dubai Marina – it’s home to tallest 7 out of 10 residential building in the world worth a click
  5. Cayman tower – my favorite building in Dubai, if twisting the building structure around 90 degrees from base to roof it’s an engineering masterpiece
  6. Burj al Arab hotel – the only 7-star hotel in the world
  7. Dubai mall fountain- it’s the world largest choreographed fountain
  8. Dubai miracle garden – A garden within the desert

I have purposely not uploaded the pics as it ends the curiosity But above all my favorite viewpoint in Dubai is from my balcony!!

ABOUT UNITED ARAB EMIRATES is your one-stop shop for making calls from anywhere in the world to anywhere else in the world. This page contains information about the phone code for the United Arab Emirates.

The United Arab Emirates country code 971 allows you to call the UAE from another country. After the IDD, dial 971 for the United Arab Emirates. The international dialing code for the United Arab Emirates is 971, which is followed by an area code.

The United Arab Emirates area code table below displays the various city codes for the country. These area codes are followed by the country codes for the United Arab Emirates. You can make an international call using the complete United Arab Emirates dialing code.


AL AIN+971-3


Dubai Zip Code / Abu Dhabi Postal Code

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