Genya Shinazugawa - Kimetsu no Yaiba

Genya Shinazugawa – Kimetsu no Yaiba

Genya Shinazugawa – Kimetsu no Yaiba

Genya Shinazugawa (不死川 玄弥) is one of the Five survivors of the Final Selection, Genya is a Demon Slayer in the Kimetsu no Yaiba series. Genya is the younger brother of the Wind Pillar, named Sanemi Shinazugawa. Genya was able to survive the 7 days of trial in the final examination of the selection. He asked impatiently about getting his Nichirin Sword, striking both his crow and Katana violently when his request went unfulfilled. Tanjiro interfered, if he didn’t let his hands off Kanata immediately promised to break his arm. Then, when Genya dared him, Tanjiro pushes, leaving him with a broken limb. Undeterred by her sister’s rough treatment, Kiriya Ubuyashiki proceeds with her orders. Genya’s circumstance as a Demon Slayer is special in the sense that he has no talent for Breath Styles, however, is able to fight against Demons by utilizing a unique absorption ability only known to him. His Japanese voice actor is Nobuhiko Okamoto, and in the English dub is voiced by Zeno Robinson. His first Manga debut is in Chapter 6, and Episode 4 in the anime series.

“Give it to me right now, the demon slayer sword, the color-changing sword!”
—Genya to Kanata Ubuyashiki, Demon Slayer episode 4


  • Age: 16
  • Height: 180cm
  • Weight: 76kg
  • Birthday: January 7
  • Birthplace: Kyobashi, Tokyo
  • Hobby: Taking care of Bonsai Tree
  • Favorite Food: Watermelon
  • Manga Debut: Chapter 6
  • Anime Debut Episode 4
  • Japanese Voice Actor: Nobuhiko Okamoto
  • English Voice Actor: Zeno Robinson


Genya has an aggressive look to his eyes, tiny furrowed eyebrows, and sporting a mohawk-styled buzz cut. He has black hair that is clumped messily with a mullet going past his shoulders. His eyes are slanted inwards and possess small violet-colored irises similar to some of the Demons in the anime. Possessing a large jagged scar running over his right cheekbone, and prominent veins popping out of his forehead adding to his tough appearance.

In the Anime before becoming an official Demon Slayer, Genya is seen wearing a sleeveless purple yukata over a gakuen-looking uniform. His wardrobe has shifted to a dark olive-green version of the Demon Slayer outfit after becoming a Demon Slayer, in which he still donned his old purple yukata. However, when seen again in the Butterfly House, Genya had a much more wild look, having undergone a spurt of development that put him approximately six feet tall. His hair is also much thicker, styled in more of a mohawk shape, the roots are much longer across his neck and noticeable. It is also mentioned that he grew more robust and developed many more injuries across his body.


Shown to be impatient and ill-tempered, demanding the nichirin katana immediately after the Final Selection from a little girl. He doesn’t show signs of cooperating and has little interest in others, shown by grabbing Kanata Ubuyashiki’s by the hair. He has a foul mouth and a “lone wolf” type of personality where he refuses to receive help from others. His brother Sanemi also refused to acknowledge Genya, making him insecure while growing up.

Later in the manga, during the battle against Hantengu, an Upper Moon Demon, he became more open to cooperation when he worked with Tanjiro Kamado, Mitsuri Kanroji, and Nezuko Kamado. He learned after some time to become more sociable and less poorly-mannered towards others, especially towards Tanjiro and his friends. The refusal of Sanemi, his older brother to acknowledge Genya also made him self-conscious as he realized how weak he was in contrast with his comrades. Nevertheless, even if he was badly maimed, he did everything he should help his allies. Despite the stern reproaches of his brother he held zero malicious will against him, a conviction strengthened by Tanjiro and subsequently by Sanemi himself.


Genya was one of a family of seven children whose hardworking mother never slept and an abusive father who abused her and her children. His father is despised and roughly murdered by an anonymous aggressor among the villagers. Sanemi and Genya then sought to protect their mothers and siblings.

One day their mother vanished and Sanemi left to find her. As doubt and fear began to pass the children’s minds alone and unscrewed, a sharp knock from the door was felt. Despite Genya’s protests that it might not be their mother, four of his siblings rushed to the door, but before he could respond, the door was sliced open, and they were immediately cut.

Once Genya saw his bloodied siblings unaware that they had already died, could not handle it completely. He rushed to find a doctor but soon came across Sanemi, with their mother lying dead at his feet. Throughout his confusion and panic, Genya called Sanemi a murderer and cradled the corpse of their mother in his arms as she vanished in the growing sunlight.

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