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Horse Blanket Girl No Blur Naked climbed inside Jasha Lottin, Oregon Woman 2021/2022

A photographer bought a sick horse and shot it for the purpose of doing a photo shoot with a woman inside the dead carcass. Was this an act of art or retaliation against PETA? Alexis Archer and Iliza Shlesinger discuss After pictures of a 21-year-old woman climbing naked inside the carcass of a dead horse surfaced online, Oregon police say they will not press charges.

The woman’s name has not been released, but disturbing photos show her small frame soaked in blood smiling at the camera. According to the incident report, the woman’s boyfriend took the photos and said she wanted to ‘feel one’ with the horse.

Despite the graphic and disturbing nature of the images, Washington County investigators claim that the couple did not break the law. Unsettling: A photo taken by her boyfriend of the blood-soaked 21-year-old Portland woman shows her pretending to eat the dead horse.

Another photo shows her blood-soaked body standing in front of the horse, in addition to the picture of the petite woman, who stands 5’6′′ and 119lbs, smiling from inside the horse.
The woman and her boyfriend are also seen holding what appears to be the animal’s heart, and in a fourth photo, they are seen pretending to eat a piece of the animal held in front of their mouths.

A naked woman, 21, climbed inside a gutted dead horse to ‘feel at one,’ but no charges were filed.

Jasha Lottin
Jasha Lottin

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Jasha Lottin And John Frost Photo Posing Inside A Dead Horse After Story Goes Viral On TikTok

After stories about their murdered horse went viral on the internet in 2011, Jasha Lottin and her boyfriend John Frost earned global attention.

After eleven years, their tale has garnered TikTok attention owing to viral videos.

TIKTOK Was Terrified By The Story Of JASHA LOTTIN, Who Was Seen Naked Inside A Dead Horse


Internet viewers were outraged in 2011 after seeing gruesome photographs of a nude lady inside a dead animal. Jasha Lottin and her boyfriend John Frost put their 32-year-old horse down owing to its poor health, according to HuffPost at the time.

According to the website, the couple shot and skinned the animal before deciding how to make their story go viral.

Jasha stripped down went inside a dead horse and had images taken before posting them on the internet.

The viral images are too gruesome to display here, but many people were talking about them during the time, urging others not to google Jasha’s name.


Fears of animal abuse triggered a police investigation into Jasha and John’s viral story. According to a criminal complaint obtained by HuffPost, authorities did not arrest the couple because their activities were not considered illegal in Oregon.

“The fact that she climbed inside the horse and killed.” According to Washington County investigator Dave Thompson, “eating does not constitute a crime.”

“If they had slaughtered the horse just to take the images, we would have had an animal cruelty case.”

Jasha and John were among those included in the publication, and they later fled Oregon as their story garnered national prominence and they received death threats.


Jasha’s tale resurfaces on social networking sites from period to period, which is why it is currently trending on TikTok. A lot of people have advised against digging up the tale. And we strongly advise against searching for photographs if you are susceptible to graphic content.

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