How Many Amps Does a Refrigerator Use?

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How many amps does a refrigerator use? In this article, I’ve explained the energy consumption of refrigerators.

Everything you need to know about the refrigerator, including how many amps and watts it takes to start up and runs properly.

If you’ve ever wanted to know how much power your computer uses, you’ve probably asked yourself, “How many amps does a refrigerator use?” The average refrigerator consumes 725 watts and 10 to 20 amps. This can amount to about 10% of your home’s total energy consumption. Let’s take a look at what it takes to understand a refrigerator’s amp usage.

How Many Amps Does a Refrigerator Use?
How Many Amps Does a Refrigerator Use?

How Many Amps Does a Refrigerator Use?

It is critical to answering the question “how many amps does a refrigerator use?”

It is useful in determining the amount of electricity required to run appliances such as a refrigerator, microwave, and iron, among others.

Furthermore, ensure that the circuit requirement specifies how many machines can be connected to the same circuit.

plianceAMP ConsumptionWatts Used
Mini Fridge<0.5100
Fridge Freezer1.5350
How Many Amps Does a Refrigerator Use?

It will also protect you from having to deal with a problem.

In the case of refrigerators, each model and type uses a different amp to run.

With the appropriate formula, calculating the one is quite simple.

The formula for calculating the amps required by a refrigerator is Amp = watts/voltage.

It means that you can divide the total watts used by the refrigerator by the voltage supply it receives.

In general, an average refrigerator consumes nearly 6 amps.

The voltage issue shouldn’t be too much of an issue. If you bought the fridge in the US and are attending school in the US, it’s all 120 volts.

Amperage on the other hand might be a bit tricky to figure out.

If you don’t know how many amps it will draw or what wattage it will draw, consult the manual to find out.

If you know the required wattage, divide it by the voltage to get the amperage.

For instance, 240 watts / 120 volts equals 2 amps.

How Many Amps Does a Refrigerator Use? Energy Ratings

To begin, you should be aware of the refrigerator’s energy star ratings. This allows you to compute the energy consumption of the refrigerator. To find out, divide the watts by the volts, which equals the amps (Watts/Volts=Amps). Refrigerators typically use 120 volts and.21 amps.

If your refrigerator does not have an energy star rating, you should invest in an energy meter. You can get one at most hardware stores. The meter calculates the amount of power used by the device over time by plugging the meter into a wall outlet and then plugging the refrigerator into the meter.

How many Amps does a Circuit Need to be to Support my Fridge?

The average amount of electricity used by a refrigerator is around 750 watts.

When we consider watts utilization in terms of amps, we get 15 to 20 watts.

It accounts for nearly 10% of the total residential electricity consumption.

Furthermore, it is preferable to use the formula to calculate the average amps required to support the fridge.

The formula is amped = watts/voltage.

Usually, the 120 voltage supply is the standard that the residential user will receive.

Do you need a Dedicated Circuit for a Freezer or Fridge?

It is usually advised to the consumer to have a dedicated circuit for the freezer and fridge.
It aids in best practices and improves performance.

It ensures safety in the event of a change in voltage/amps caused by a change in power supply.

It is critical to be prepared for the worst-case scenario when it comes to freezers and refrigerators.

So, for the freezer and refrigerator, set aside 15-20 amps on a 120-volt circuit.

Does a Fridge Need a 20-amp Circuit?

The 20amps circuit is dedicated to smooth operation in modern refrigerator requirements.

It is best practice for the homeowner to connect the fridge to the 120-volt circuit.
For security assurance, the level of voltage and amps is significant.

It protects the circuit from potentially dangerous situations.

How Many Amps Does a Refrigerator Use on Start-up, Voltage, and Amps

When deciding which refrigerator to buy, you’ll want to know how many amps it will draw. This enables you to determine how much power your electrical breaker can handle. Before using your refrigerator, you should check the voltage and amp requirements.

A refrigerator’s breaker size is determined by whether the appliance can operate on 120-volt or 240-volt circuits. The size and make of the refrigerator will determine the type of voltage circuit required; however, most standard refrigerators use a simple 120-volt circuit.

In comparison, the amp requirements for the refrigerator will be found in the manufacturer’s documentation. Standard refrigerators require 15 to 20 amps and a dedicated 120-volt circuit. A 120-volt breaker, for example, would only have one breaker handle.

The refrigerator that is for home usage requires a dedicated circuit of almost 15 to 20amps.

In most refrigerators, the amps are the amount of electric current required to keep the compressor compartment cool.

At home, refrigerators typically use 3 to 5 amps to perform their functions.

As a result, the refrigerator will need a dedicated circuit with nearly 120 volts.

Do Mini Fridges Use a Lot of Power, How many amps does a mini fridge use?

Calculating average amps is simplified by dividing the electricity required by the refrigerator by the voltage that the appliance will receive.

The power consumption of a mini-fridge is lower than that of a standard fridge.

It reduces the average use of the amp as well.

Mini-fridges, for example, use 240 watts of power on a voltage of 120, which means they use nearly 2 amps on average.

The mini-fridge, on average, consumes 2 amps, making it ideal for use in offices, apartments, and other public places.

Is It Okay To Run A Fridge Off An Extension Cord?

It is critical to determine whether it is safer to use an extension cord or a direct supply to power the refrigerator.

Remember that it is critical to use the proper cord to avoid uncertainty.

The extension cords are not ideal for powering the refrigerator.

It raises the risk of overheating and damage, which can set off the risk and result in an electric short-circuit.

Furthermore, experts advise against using grounded cord extensions to power appliances.

It has the potential to raise the temperature or to be dangerous by delivering an electric shock.

How do you power a fridge with a generator?

It is completely safe to run the refrigerator over the generator.

However, it is critical to ensure the supply of voltage that is required to support the watts.

So, connect a generator with a high wattage capacity to safely run appliances.

Before using a generator to power your refrigerator, make sure you know how many watts it requires and that the generator has enough power.

Furthermore, connect the generator to the fridge using the compatible cord.

To avoid the extension cord attachments, use a portable generator and place it near the fridge.

Start the generator and the fridge’s power once the fridge is connected to a generator via the cord.

How Do You Know How Big Your Fridge Is?

If you’re unsure about the size of your refrigerator, you can use this method to figure out how big it is.

The measuring method refers to inspecting the interior of the refrigerator, which includes width, height, and depth, and multiplying it by three.

Check the height, width, and depth by removing the drawers and shelf to get the exact measurements.

Frequently Asked Questions about how many amps does a refrigerator use

Can I Put a Freezer and Refrigerator on the Same Circuit?

If you use the freezer and refrigerator at the same time, do not connect them to the same circuit.
Every electric appliance consumes a different electric current, and there is a risk of a short circuit when multiple appliances are connected to the same circuit.
It overloads the circuit and may cause appliance failure.

Can a refrigerator and microwave be on the same circuit?

No, you can put the refrigerator and microwave on the same circuit.

It is because the appliances need a particular circuit to get the electricity and for operation.

So, important to use a specific electric circuit for each appliance

How Many Amps Does a Refrigerator Use? – How to Calculate the Amperage on a Refrigerator

According to the US Department of Energy, a typical refrigerator consumes 725 watts.
In general, the refrigerator consumes nearly 6 amps.
It is necessary to know the voltage of the power supply and the watts that the refrigerator draws in order to calculate the amps.
So, 725/120= 6amps is the result of dividing the number of watts drawn by the refrigerator by the number of volts received through an electrical supply.

Is the freezer compartment self frosted?

The freezer compartment is with the self-frost that may be caused by moisture that hits inside coils of the freezer.

Almost every appliance like a refrigerator or freezer has the self-frost technique to keep the food protected.


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