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How Often Does Snapchat’s Best Friends Data Update?

Because of its unique twist, Snapchat is one of the most popular messaging and image-sharing apps on the App Store today. Snaps disappear shortly after being seen or read. Instead of requiring you to keep a lengthy, complete archive of a serious conversation, this focus on keeping photos, videos, and messages temporary and disposable helps keep things quick and casual. Snapchat has added a slew of new features since its launch in 2011, regularly overhauling the app and updating older features to stay current. The Best Friends list, an algorithm-driven selection of your Snapchat friends based on how often you engage with them, is one of the app’s most popular features.

How Often Does Snapchat's Best Friends Data Update?
How Often Does Snapchat’s Best Friends Data Update?

Best Friends was first introduced in 2016, and it has since undergone some changes, including the ability to make your friends’ Best Friends data private. Many Snapchat users have inquired about the frequency with which the Best Friends algorithm updates your list. Does a batch job run once a day on a massive mainframe somewhere? What else? In this article, I’ll explain how frequently Snapchat’s Best Friends data updates, as well as several other aspects of the feature.

What are the Best Friends Feature?

Your Snapchat Best Friends are the people with whom you interact the most. Sending and receiving snaps, as well as participating in a group chat, all boost your interaction score. Snapchat’s algorithm then ranks all of your friends according to how much they interact with you, and your top contacts are listed as your best friends on the app. If you only have a few Snapchat friends or don’t talk to them very often, you might not have any Best Friends at all, or only have one or two.

Your best friends can be no more than eight of your contacts. When Snapchat calculates your Best Friends list, it only looks at the last week or so, so you can’t just send a thousand messages to someone and expect them to stay on your list forever. They may appear for a brief moment, but as your contact with them decreases, they will eventually fall off.

If you’re looking for your Best Friends list, it’s at the top of your full contacts list when you’re sending a snap. You may also notice that some of your closest friends have small emojis next to their names, indicating a current special reward. There are plenty of emojis in this list, and you can even customize them in the settings menu. Emojis like these can be found if you’re looking for them.

  • Snapchat Best Friends are represented by a yellow heart.
    A red heart represents your BFF (best friend for two weeks).
  • Two pink hearts means the person becomes your ‘Super BFF’ for two months.
  • A grin emoji represents someone you share as a best friend with.
  • When you’re their best friend but they’re not yours, use the smirk emoji.
  • A smiley is reserved for Snapchat’s second and third best friends.
  • The sunglasses emoji denotes that you have a best friend.
  • The fire emoji is for a Snapstreak with a Snapchat Best Friend.

What is the frequency of Snapchat Best Friends updates?

Snapchat hasn’t said how often the algorithm runs, but the app appears to be updated on a regular basis. A single message, as well as forgetting to send a message to someone within hours of receiving it, can result in an immediate change in your Best Friends list. However, after being forced closed on your phone, the app appears to update more frequently, so don’t be surprised if you don’t see an update after sending a message. It may take some time for those data changes to affect your Best Friends list results, depending on your app usage history.

If you have a small number of friends with whom you only communicate on occasion, sending and receiving a few messages with one of them could drastically alter that person’s position on the Best Friends list, causing the list to shift. If you have hundreds or thousands of friends and send snaps and chats all day, it will take a lot of messages before you notice any significant changes in your contact list.

How Can I See My Best Friend List?

Tap the Friends button on the Home page (the little chat balloon in the lower left). Then select the Send To option (the little chat balloon in the upper right). Your Best Friends list will appear above your Recents list at the top of your friend list. Take a photo, then tap the blue arrow in the bottom right corner of the screen to go to your Friends page, where they will have their own section.

Is It Possible to Arrange My Best Friends List?

Unfortunately, unlike the old MySpace Top Friends list, everything in Snapchat’s friend list is created automatically using an algorithm, so you have no control over who appears. Putting in the effort to keep sending things to the people you want to connect with is the simplest way to modify and add people to your list. Spamming photos or videos—and getting spammed in return—is by far the simplest way to get the people you want on your friend’s list, even if it isn’t always in the order you want.

Snapchat’s Best Friends is one of the app’s many useful features that keeps things simple and straightforward. You now know how to find out who you interact with the most on Snapchat.

FAQ How Often Does Snapchat’s Best Friends Data Update?

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