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How to Automatically Save Conversations on Snapchat

With our smartphones, we can communicate in a variety of ways. When you’re in a bind, there’s always the good old phone call or a simple SMS. For the most part, however, we communicate through text messaging and video calling apps.

How to Automatically Save Conversations on Snapchat
How to Automatically Save Conversations on Snapchat

It’s also about more than just communication. We’ve grown more comfortable with the idea of sharing our lives online. At least one social media platform is available for you, depending on your style. Every social media platform, including Snapchat, has a mix of photo/video and text features.

Snapchat Basics

Unless you’ve made it your mission to stay away from social media, the word Snapchat conjures up images of bright yellow and a cute ghost symbol. It’s an eye-catching logo that you can probably describe even if you’ve never used the app.

Snapchat, like all social media apps, allows you to share photos, videos, and text. The short-term effect of the content you send is what sets this app apart. Sharing photos and videos allows friends to keep things light and spontaneous without having to think about it later. It’s not intended to aid in the development of your long-term online presence, but rather to be amusing and enjoy the moment.

It’s no surprise that Snapchat’s main demographics – those aged 18 to 24 – love this feature. When you download Snapchat, it automatically opens your camera so you can start snapping. It’s short and sweet, and it lets you get your message across quickly.

Snapchat Conversations

We’ve already established how convenient and advantageous it is to have your photos and texts vanish into thin air. However, some of these elements may prove to be inconvenient. Let’s say you receive a message from a friend but are unable to give it your full attention at the time. Or the message requires a response, but you can’t think of one right now, or you simply can’t do it right now. You open the message, but it vanishes before you can figure out what it said or how you were supposed to respond.

Can We save Them?

If you’re wondering how to save Snapchat conversations automatically, there’s away. Three cheers for Snapchat’s new feature! Finally, you can keep your chats for up to 24 hours after they’ve been viewed. This is what you must do in order to enable this feature:

  1. Make sure you’re using the most recent Snapchat version. In order for the feature to work, your friend must have the same version as you.
  2. When you first open Snapchat, tap the Chat icon in the bottom left corner to go to “Chats.”
  3. Now go to your friend’s conversation and tap on their avatar in the top left corner.
  4. A screen will appear, asking for the location of your friend. Select “Delete Chats” from the three dots in the top right corner.
  5. “After Viewing” and “24 Hours after Viewing” are your options.

Another option is to press and hold on to a friend’s conversation, then select “More” from the options menu. You’ll be taken to the same pop-up screen where you can select when to delete chats.

Archiving Conversations

So, that’s how to save Snapchat conversations automatically and keep them for the full 24 hours. You can, however, archive them to keep them for longer. Maybe there’s something particularly important that you don’t want to forget. Here’s how you can save your Snapchat conversations indefinitely:

  1. Go to the bottom left of the app and select Chats.
  2. Open the conversation of the friend you want to save the message from.
  3. Press and hold the message on your screen.

The message will be archived after that. It’s important to remember that while both parties will see that messages have been saved, only the person who archived the conversation will be able to restore it. They can accomplish this by pressing and holding the message once more. Both parties will see the saved conversation highlighted in gray.


Even if you don’t use them, it’s always nice to know you have options. Snapchat is for quick exchanges and sharing without the hassle of keeping track of what’s posted where and accumulating likes and shares. You know it’s not going to be there if you’re using it as a text messaging tool, specifically because you don’t have to scroll up and down and read back. It’s great to know that if there’s a moment or a snapshot in time that you want to save for a little longer, or a lot longer, you can.

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