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Photoshop CC, the version of Photoshop available to Creative Cloud subscribers, includes a number of features that allow you to customize the application’s interface and behavior.

You can change the color of the app and its menus using one of the customization options. The theme is the name for this setting, and there are several different themes from which to choose. Our tutorial will show you where to find the Photoshop CC theme settings so you can try them out and decide which one is best for you.

Photoshop CC – How to Adjust the Theme

The steps in this article were completed using the Photoshop CC application. You will change the theme and, eventually, the color of the Photoshop program by following the steps in this guide.

Step 1: Open Photoshop CC.

Step 2: Click the Edit option in the menu at the top of the window.

Step 3: Choose the Preferences option at the bottom of the menu, then click the Interface option.

Step 4: Click the desired theme color to the right of Color Theme, then click the OK button at the top-right of this window to apply the change. Note that the theme color will update as soon as you click an option, so you can choose each of them to determine which theme option is your favorite.

How do I draw a straight line in Photoshop?

By using the brush tool, clicking the line start point, then holding the Shift key and clicking the line endpoint you will be able to create a straight line in Photoshop.

How do I create a new layer in Photoshop?

Often it can be most helpful to create a new layer whenever you create a new object, like a line. Click the “Create New Layer” button at the bottom of the “Layers” panel to add a new layer. It looks like a sheet of paper with its corner turned up.

How can I quickly switch to the Brush tool in Photoshop?

When your image is open in Photoshop you can press the “B” key on your keyboard to make the Brush tool your currently active tool.

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