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Tumblr is a microblogging and social media networking service that allows users to create short blogs. Through this network, you can share your thoughts and connect with millions of people. This network, as well as others, can help you earn money.

Automatic owns The Tumbler, which was founded in 2007 by David Karp, an American web developer, and entrepreneur. Tumbler users frequently share selfie images in order to gain more followers.

How to Get More Followers on Tumblr, If You are a Newcomer

The question of how I can get more Tumbler followers has gone viral, and it’s an intriguing one. The short and sweet answer to this question is that if you know your niche and provide high-quality content, you can gain more Tumblr followers. I’ll show you how to increase your followers legally using some of the most basic techniques. Even if you are new, you can do it.

Find Your Niche

Tumblr’s niche is the first thing you should learn about it. You must be aware of your enthusiasm. You must first assess your ability, attention, and requirements. You must select a topic that is neither too simple nor too complicated.

For example, if you want to write about digital marketing, you may already be familiar with the subject. Another factor is your enthusiasm. To be self-assured and write high-quality content for readers.

Tumblr provides you with active followers who read your blog and do comments on it i.e. Facebook, Instagram & Twitter etc. The other factor is the need for the topic and the quality of content.

The main focus of Tumblr is to give its followers the quality of content according to their niche. So, keep it in mind your honesty with your audience is everything.

Gain Knowledge of Your Niche

When you choose a topic, you should also learn more about it so that your blog is more interesting and relevant to your readers. This factor is determined by the type of search. How thorough or useful your research is on the subject.

Getting the information isn’t enough; your main goal should be to get the most authentic experience possible. Tumblr gives you the ability to share knowledge with your friends, but quality and authenticity are extremely important.

You can gain information related to your niche from Google or any other search engine and also from Tumblr.

Make Eye-Catching Design of Your Tumblr

The way you look is extremely important. This factor is also relevant to Tumblr, so keep it in mind. Tumblr gives you the option of customizing your profile.

You can optimize your blog post by clicking on the configure button. Keep in mind the color scheme and the preferences of your target audience. In the Tumblr post, you can change the background of your blog post and add HTML and JavaScript code. Amazing effects can be added, but only through coding.

Try to make your blog one time beautifully developed by professional developers if you don’t know to code. Your site’s design is one of the major factors that seduces people to follow your blog.

SEO for Your Tumblr Blog

Many posts are written with the goal of making the blog SEO optimized or loved by Tumblr and Google in order to generate organic traffic. It is pointless to make your blog SEO optimized if the blog post is not SEO optimized. You should put in some extra effort to make your blog SEO optimized.

Because Tumblr only offers limited SEO optimization services. Tumblr offers a few key SEO optimization techniques, including title tag optimization: When you create a post, Tumblr will assign you a title of your job, which contains a few words from your title and some random numbers; you can also optimize it using Tumblr. Your name should be in the title.

Write an effective meta description that includes the keyword you want to target. Because this is the ideal length, the description should be between 150 and 200 characters long.

Effects of Speed: If your blog loads quickly, it will result in a lower bounce rate, which is a good sign for SEO. Reduce the amount of CSS and JavaScript on your blog to speed it up. Compressing your images and using LazyLoad can also help.

URLs Optimization: The most important SEO factor is URL optimization. By default, when you create a blog post on Tumblr, it assigns you a URL according to your title, which consists of a long string of numbers and characters, but don’t worry, You can optimize it by clicking on gare shaped icon on the right corner of a blog post creator page. And make the URL optimized.

Follow People of Your Niche

Follow people in your niche, which means you should pay attention to those who are experts in your field or domain. It aids in your understanding of your surroundings. Read blogs related to your niche and always respond positively. Also, seek advice from experts in your field.

Follow Famous Accounts of Your Niche

Follow the most well-known accounts in your niche. Famous and well-respected authors are always willing to share accurate and reliable information. So, follow them instead of the fake or low-rated bloggers, as this will detract from your profile.

Analyze Your Audience

Because they read your post, the audience is everything. You must have a clear view of your audience in order to increase your followers. You should figure out what their interests and needs are.
If you’re writing a blog for a technical audience, your tone and theme will be technical; however, if you’re writing for a non-technical audience, your writing style will be different. So keep your audience’s interests in mind because they are everything to you.

Take a look at their feedback and reviews. Count the number of likes and responses, and adjust your blogs to meet the needs of your readers. The primary goal of blog writing is to entertain the reader while also providing high-quality content.

Extra Tips to Grow your Tumblr Account

Now I will discuss some extra tips to grow your Tumbler account, and surely it will help you a lot.

Reblog Quality Posts Twice a Day

Re-blogging is one of the other best ways to improve your followers.

If you follow the blogs of other people on Tumblr, Tumbler will show the new blogs on your stream, and when you re-blog on these Blogs, you will catch the massive traffic. You should keep re-blogging on these blogs twice a day, which will increase your traffic and followers.

Use Relevant Hashtags in a Post

Hashtags are the second important tip that will improve traffic. Whenever you post something, you can add as you like the number of Hashtags. Hashtag provides related information about your blog to Tumblr.

For example, suppose you’re writing a blog about cats. As a Hashtag, you can use kittens, cute cats, white cats, black cats, cat’s food, and so on. People will learn more about the topic and follow you if you use hashtags.

Some Basics Things You Should Know About Tumblr

Tumblr is similar to Twitter in that users can only post short articles with images. The primary goal of Tumblr’s post is to gain followers and traffic. It’s a social media platform where you can share your ideas with millions of other people.

Tumblr had 163.9 million blogs and 72 billion posts in 2014. It’s very similar to Twitter. When you post something on Tumblr, people will react to it.


It’s all about the clock. It does matter how much quality time you spend on Tumblr. Tumblr is the best social media platform for sharing your blog posts and other content with others. It’s very similar to Twitter. You can also keep track of your followers’ blogs and activities. You initially enjoyed it by sharing posts in order to increase your number of followers. You can also increase your blog traffic organically from Tumblr and Google by following all of the above steps.

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