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Twitter decided to join Instagram, Facebook, and a few other platforms in creating stories for their users at the end of 2020. These stories are known as fleets, and the concept received a mixed response.

Fleets, Twitter’s version of “stories,” allows you to post disappearing media and text. You can mute people you follow if you find stories on Twitter that are out of place, or if you simply don’t want them to appear at the top of your feed.

Fleets will be decommissioned on August 3, 2021, less than a year after its launch. Spaces, Twitter’s live audio chat room feature and Clubhouse competitor, will continue to be hosted in the area at the top of the Twitter mobile app and website.

How to Remove Fleets in Twitter on iOS and Android

Even though Twitter is available on the desktop, there’s no denying that your smartphone is where you get the most out of it. Furthermore, using Twitter on your smartphone is far more convenient.

When it comes to Twitter fleets, the good news is that the Android and iOS versions of the app are identical, so it doesn’t matter which device you’re using because the interface is identical. As a result, the procedures for removing fleets will be the same on both platforms.

Before we walk you through the process of removing fleets, you should know that you can only do so by muting the person who posted the fleet.

You must individually mute each person who posts them, and once you have done so, you will no longer see fleets. Also, just because you’ve muted someone’s fleets doesn’t mean you won’t see their tweets in the feed. So, here’s how to silence a whole fleet of Twitter users:

  1. Launch your Twitter app. On top of the screen, tap on the first fleet.
  2. When the story opens, tap on the three vertical dots in the screen’s top right-hand corner.
  3. At the bottom of the screen, a pop-up window will appear. Tap on the “Mute @username.”
  4. You’ll be prompted to confirm that you want to mute this user’s fleets on another screen. Select “Mute Fleets” from the drop-down menu.

Unfortunately, at the moment, there’s no central kill switch that will let you get rid of Fleets altogether on Twitter. Your only option is to manually mute Fleets from individual accounts one by one.

Open Twitter on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device to do so. To see the Fleets of those you follow, go to the top of the Home tab and scroll down.

How to Mute Fleets on Twitter
How to Mute Fleets on Twitter

Only someone who has recently posted a Fleet can be muted. As a result, you can only hide Fleets from any avatar bubble in your Twitter feed’s thumbnail row.

To mute a Fleet, tap and hold a profile’s Fleet bubble to reveal the hidden settings. Tap “Mute @(Twitter account),” where “Twitter account” is the person’s Twitter handle.

Toggle between “Mute Fleets” and “Mute Fleets and Tweets” to hide this account’s current and future Fleets, as well as that person’s tweets.

Twitter will indefinitely mute Fleets from this profile, and they’ll no longer appear in your feed. The same as when you mute tweets, Twitter won’t notify someone when you mute their Fleets.

To unmute someone, visit their Twitter profile page, and then tap “Unmute” next to the “You Have Muted Fleets From This Account” message.

Twitter doesn’t remove the row reserved for Fleets, even if you mute them from all the accounts you follow, so, unfortunately, it will continue to take up space in your feed.

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