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NFTs just got confusing

The concept behind NFTs is that each one is one-of-a-kind. A piece of digital art’s scarcity can be certified by encoding it in a blockchain.

So what’s the point of cloning it?

CloneMyNFT, the new platform that allows you to clone an NFT, sell the original, and keep the ‘copy’ in your crypto wallet, is based on this perplexing concept.

We’re a little perplexed.

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are the year’s biggest digital art fad, and they’re already complicated enough without the cloning twist.

In our guide, we’ll provide you with an introduction to what NFTs are and how to produce and sell your own.

The concept of cloning an NFT, selling the original, and keeping the ‘backup’ in your wallet appears to be anti-NFT.

CloneMyNFT.com develops a new unique contract on the blockchain after producing an exact digital replica of your artwork.

The image you’ve created is a clone of the original artwork. Although it appears to be the same, the blockchain registration is different.

This gets to the heart of the matter with NFTs: you’re not buying the art, but rather the token. Because the contract on the blockchain is what’s new and can’t be replicated, you can even sell your cloned NFT.

CloneMyNFT’s website states: “Many collectors develop attachments to their NFTs and desire to keep them in their wallets long after they have sold them.

Collectors may be forced to sell them in order to realize their assets, but they frequently wish to maintain a memento of the NFT they formerly possessed, and now they can.”

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