22 Hilarious Prank Gifts Guaranteed To Be Truly Unforgettable

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Even though you’re a funny guy, if you want to really get people laughing at your next party, you need one of these outrageous and genuinely evil prank gifts presents. You can be your most merciless self when it comes to fusing your gift-giving skills with your practical joke skills thanks to this carefully curated list of humorous presents. Give your brother a humorous Christmas present that you hid in a joke box and placed in his stocking to outdo Santa Claus. Bring a pair of emergency underwear or a presentation box that is impossible to open to your next white elephant or Dirty Santa party for the most sought-after item (read: most amusing joke gift). The opportunities for funny gags are endless for friends or family members with a sense of humor as delightfully diabolical as yours. For the perfect gag gift, look no further for laughs than the LMAO-inducing gifts below.

1. Fake Wads Of Cash Fake Wads Of Cash Prank Gifts

Fake Wads Of Cash Fake Wads Of Cash-Prank Gifts

Trick someone into thinking they just stumbled upon some fat stacks with these ultra-realistic prop money dollar bills. Just don’t try using it at a real store!

2. Jump Scare Box Spider

 Jump Scare Box Spider-Prank Gifts

Give the arachnophobe in your life a mini heart attack by surprising them with the jump box spider. Upon opening this seemingly run-of-the-mill wooden box, a life-like rubber spider will immediately jump out to scare whoever removed the lid.

3. Fake Bird Poop for Cars Special Effects Gag Gifts 

. Fake Bird Poop for Cars Special Effects Gag Gifts -Prank Gifts

Kick the prank wars up a notch by ruining someone’s day with this realistic-looking fake bird poop. This realistic-looking bird poop won’t damage or stain car paint or fabrics and will easily wash off with some water.

4. test always positive prank pregnant

 test always positive prank pregnant-Prank Gifts

Send ’em running for the hills by surprising your better half with the always positive prank pregnancy test. Indistinguishable from the real thing, this hilarious item is specially designed to turn positive with every use – even with plain tap water.

5. Fake Electrical Outlet Stickers

 Fake Electrical Outlet Stickers-Prank Gifts

Put boredom to bed with these fake electrical outlet stickers! Simply stick these vinyl stickers onto any wall in your home. office, or any store, and watch the fun begin.

6. Fake Poop Soap Bar

. Fake Poop Soap Bar-Prank Gifts

Create some awkwardness for guests when they step into the bathroom by setting out this fake poop soap bar. Despite it’s disturbingly realistic appearance, this handcrafted bar of soap actually features a delightful chocolaty scent.

7. Earwax Candle Kit Prank Gift Box

Earwax Candle Kit Prank Gift Box-Prank Gifts

Have a little fun with your gift recipient by wrapping up their expensive new gift in this earwax candle kit box. This convincingly realistic gift box will cover up your real gift inside. The best part is watching the confusion on the face of the recipient!

8. Wearable Shark Fin prank gifts

 Wearable Shark Fin-Prank Gifts

Terrify everyone on the beach with this wearable shark fin. Just strap it on and go for a swim, just watch out for real nearby territorial sharks!

9. impossible to find annoying sound torture device

 impossible to find annoying sound torture device-Prank Gifts

Get serious about your workplace pranks by driving your coworkers crazy with this impossible to find annoying sound torture device. The device can be discreetly places almost anywhere and is designed to periodically emit beeps and other irritating noises guaranteed to keep everyone on edge.

10. Bag Of Dicks Sent Anonymously

 Bag Of Dicks Sent Anonymously

Show them you really mean it when you tell someone to “go eat a bag of dicks” by anonymously sending them a bag of dicks. The package comes chock-full of tiny gummy dicks that will surely send the message wile ensuring you remain anonymous.

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