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Search engines are important things that everyone who uses the Internet deals with at every time and place.

But new in 2021 that there are a lot of search engines that have emerged focused on user privacy, so read the article to the end to get to know the top 10 search engines for 2021.

What are search engines?

Usually, when we hear the term search engines, we think of Google and Yahoo.

Of course, that’s not a mistake. Google and Yahoo are examples of web search engines and are among the most popular search engines.

The definition of the search engine (generally) can be as follows:

Search engines are a set of software and devices that can search a certain space between a large amount of data, information, or data intended by users or software.

This search can be done on the hard drive of your computer, on the mobile storage unit, in a database, or on the web.

If the search engine is looking for information on the web, it is called a web search engine.

Best Search Engines for 2022

Although Google search engine is the largest and most famous internet search engine ever and there is no search engine like it at all in its magnitude and comprehensiveness of search terms.

However, there are many powerful search engines that compete with Google search engine to deliver the best results to users, and the search engine order comes as follows:

1. Google

 search engines

One of the most popular and undisputed Internet search engines, it controls the global search engine market by more than 92%, both via computers, smartphones, and tablets.

The reason why Google Search Engine is popular is that it offers extremely high-quality search results according to a complex algorithm used by the search engine to rank search results according to the most important sites than others that offer content that attracts visitor interest and keeps it as long as possible within the site.

In addition to many factors, the search engine takes into account during the ranking of search results, mainly improving the user experience, and is one of the most important search engine optimization (SEO) factors.

The most distinctive feature of Google Search Engine is that it displays accurate results depending on where you are, for example:

If you are searching for profit on the Internet in Saudi Arabia, you may find completely different results when searching for the same ferry if you are in the UAE.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin are the two people founded entirely by Google, who have invented and developed Google’s search engine over the years.

2. Bing

bing search engines

Search Engine Bing is the previous name of Microsoft Search Engine which was renamed Microsoft Bing in October 2020.

It is the second power search engine after Google and has a market share ranging from 2.83% to 12.31% of the search engine market worldwide.

Search engine Microsoft Bing works on computers and smartphones as well.

The search engine ping arose as a result of the merger of several previous search engines launched by Microsoft over the years: search MSN website, search windows live search, and search live search.

Microsoft Ping’s ranking of 30 is one of the most visited sites in the world.

3. Yahoo

yahoo search engines

Yahoo is the third most popular search engine worldwide in 2021 with a market share of 1% of the search engine market.

The Yahoo search engine ranked No. 11 of the world’s most visited sites, and the virtual search engine on the Mozilla Firefox browser has been in the United States since 2014.

Yahoo’s search engine was supported by Microsoft Ping’s search results from 2011 to 2015 in a strictly exclusive manner.

From 2015 to 2018, however, Yahoo’s search engine became supported by results by Google and Microsoft Ping.

From 2019 to date it has been relying exclusively on Microsoft Ping-supported search results again.

4. Baidu

baidu search engines

The search engine is the most popular in China, founded in 2000, and is considered in the fourth rankings globally in terms of the power of search results it provides to users where it provides billions of monthly search requests.

But the only drawback of the Baidu search engine is that it is only available in Chinese, but it can be translated using any translation tool for languages including Google’s most user-friendly translation.

5. Yandex

yandex search engines

The search engine is the most popular in the Russian Federation and occupies a market share ranging from 0.5% – 1.16% of the global search engine market.
The market share of the Yandex search engine in Russia is also estimated at 65%.
The Yandex search engine site is ranked No. 30 among the world’s most visited sites and ranks No. 4 for the most visited sites in Russia.
Yandex was created to manufacture and provide smart products and services powered by modern machine science technology that is part of artificial intelligence science.

6. DuckDuckgo

 DuckDuckgo search engine

It is one of the most highly concerned search engines about users’ privacy.

It does not use cookie technology to track users, obtain and collect their data at all, and does not rely on advertising in any way.

The Duckduckgo search engine has little market share compared to other search engines.

It occupies an estimated market share of 0.5% of the global search engine market.

The duckduckgo search engine offers about 47 million daily searches for users.

Remarkably, the Duckduckgo search engine does not have its own search archives such as the Google search engine and others.

But it depends on bringing search results from many sources such as Bing, Yahoo, Yelp, and Stackoverflow.

The absence of search results for this engine is a big reason why its market share is still only 0.5% and a big constraint for it to outperform other search engines.


Ask search engines

The search engine was previously known as Ask Jeeves.

The idea of his work depends on providing answers to questions posed by users in the search box by other users or providing answers in the form of polls.

It also offers general search results on regular search words and sentences but lacks accuracy compared to results displayed by Google, Yahoo or Microsoft Ping.

The search engine ask’s marketing share is 0.47% of the global search engine marketing share.

8. Ecosia 

 Ecosia  search engine

It is a search engine in the form of a social network created to raise funding for tree planting and finance various restoration projects.

This engine is known as the search engine for tree planting on a global scale.

This social company is based in Berlin, Germany, and was founded by a person named Christian Kroll in 2009.

This engine is one of Microsoft Ping’s search engine partners, and all the results shown are imported and brought through Microsoft Ping search engine.

The search engine Ecosia reaps its profits by running ads and displaying them in the search engine.

Every time ads are clicked, the search engine gets a small share of these ads.

But in order for a search engine to get actual funding for planting a single tree, 45 searches must be done via the search engine.

The market share of this search engine Ecosia is about 0.10% of the total share of search engines around the world.


 Aol search engines

Despite being a very old search engine whose name is barely remembered by internet browsers.

However, it still enjoys a market share of around 0.05% and is top of the top 10 search engines in the world.

The search engine network Aol also has many websites:, and

Verizon Communications 2015 acquired the search engine AOL.

10. Internet archive

internet archive search engine

His idea is slightly different from the normal traditional search engines, the idea depends on showing the history of any website.

It contains a very huge archive of all websites from their inception to the present day and serves as the history of the Internet.

From 1996 to the present day, you can find out the history of old websites.

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