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What is SERPWoo

SERPWoo offers their eponymous search engine optimization tool for reputation management and search engine results tracking.(1)

The fact that SERPWoo offers a wealth of information beyond just URL rankings sets it apart from its rivals.

With the help of the tool, you can analyze the top 20 results for any given keyword in-depth for the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

SERPWoo home page
SERPWoo home page

You can choose from two options on the homepage:

“Live Demo” to view
Register with SERPWoo and use the tool right away.
The “Live Demo” differs from what you might anticipate.

The demo consists of a series of screenshots that briefly describe SERPWoo’s key features rather than a video tutorial outlining how the tool operates and how to get started.

On SERPWoo’s YouTube channel, the business does offer a number of video tutorials that you can watch.

You’ll have access to the demo account the business set up after looking through the screenshots.

Without having to create an account, you can browse the various projects that SERPWoo made for the demo and utilize the tool’s various features.

SERPWoo Demo Account Dashboard
SERPWoo Demo Account Dashboard

Your “Top Projects” and “Top Keywords” will be listed by default on SERPWoo’s dashboard.

You can also quickly see the “Gains” and “Losses” for the keywords you added to your projects by scrolling down.

SERPWoo Gains and Losses
SERPWoo Gains and Losses

You can sort this view quickly by selecting:

  1. Project — Which project you want to view rankings for
  2. Date — From yesterday up to the past 90 days
  3. Tag — Negative tags, neutral tags, positive tags, and no value tags
  4. Limit — How many keywords you want the tool to display (10 – 1,000) (2)

If you’ve never used a rank tracker before, the sheer amount of information displayed on the demo account homepage may be a little overwhelming.

Because of this, we advise setting up a free account and creating your first project by following the straightforward instructions provided by SERPWoo.

SERPWoo is unique in that there isn’t a formal free trial available. To access the tool’s premium features, you must first create a “free plan” account that you can upgrade at any time.

You will be taken to a page with the tool’s pricing and subscription features after clicking the “Upgrade My Plan” button, depending on the plan you select.

Bronze, the entry-level paid plan, costs $49.95 per month for 750 keywords. The most expensive plan is “Agency 4”, which costs $300,000 per month for one million keywords.

Here’s a quick overview of SERPWoo:

SERPWoo Overview
Monthly costFrom $49.95/month to $300,000/month
Number of keywordsFrom 750 to 1,000,000 keywords, depending on the plan
Search frequency 30
Actual searches per month22,500 – 30,000,000
Cost per keywords/monthly$0.0022
Year funded2012
g2 reviews5 stars (2 reviews)
Number of employees1–10
Facebook followers346
Twitter followers975

SERPWoo Features

You can completely customize the keyword tracking procedure with SEPRWoo’s extensive feature set.

While this makes it a great option for SEO experts and individuals with extensive SEO experience, we wouldn’t suggest it if you haven’t previously used rank trackers.

The key features of SERPWoo are:

  1. SERP analysis
  2. Locality
  3. Language
  4. Search Engine support
  5. Alerts
  6. Reports
  7. Monitoring
  8. Keyword finder

SERP Analysis

The Search Results Page is thoroughly analyzed by SERPWoo, who then presents the results in a clear and understandable format using lists, graphs, and pie charts.

A quick summary of your site’s performance, including changes in position and a color-coded graph displaying an aggregated view of the rankings for your domain or URL, is presented when you click on one of your projects from the dashboard.

SERPWOO Demo Account Rankings for the “Online Marketing” Project
SERPWOO Demo Account Rankings for the “Online Marketing” Project

You will see a list of keywords for which your domains/URLs have improved in rank when you click on any of the fields above, such as “KW Rising.” Along with the domain/URL and the actual keywords, you’ll also see the past 90-day ranking changes for your website(s) and the monthly search volume for each keyword.

SERPWoo KW Rising Overview
SERPWoo KW Rising Overview

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Don’t be confused by the fact that the keyword column has two instances of “SEO” listed. Take note of the fact that this keyword has seen growth across two distinct domains.

To their “online marketing” project, SERPWoo merely added more websites. This can be a useful tool for monitoring how your rivals are performing for the same keywords that you want to rank for. You can easily include their domains in a project to get up-to-the-minute information on how you stack up against your rivals.

You can also always choose to list a single domain or URL in a project, to have easier access to the rankings for that particular website or page. This will clear up any confusion and make it simple for you to evaluate the success of your SEO strategy.

Remember that SEPRWoo has a restriction on the quantity of keywords you can track. Depending on your personal preferences and the demands of your business, you can choose either approach or alternate between them depending on the project.


You’ll have access to sophisticated features like “locality” once you upgrade to a premium plan.

This enables you to focus your search results on a particular geographic area, which is an essential feature for companies trying to appeal to a particular market.

You can use SERPWoo to check rankings by typing in the location or by clicking the button and choosing the desired region you want to check rankings for.


SERPWoo lets you choose between 71 different languages you wish to track your rankings for. 

Simply select the regions (languages) you would like to track the rankings for when creating a new project. You can always change this from the “Settings” later if you want to add or remove languages.

Search Engine Support

You’ve probably noticed there’s fine print in the image above. Here’s what it says:


Inside of their cloud-based platform, SERPWoo has a feature called “Alerts” that essentially works like notifications.

The tool will notify you whenever the ranking of one of your domains or URLs changes across all of your projects.

In our opinion, this is a pretty important feature because it saves you the time of manually checking each project each day by allowing you to quickly review the ranking changes.

You can specify whether SERPWoo should show the alerts in “Project” mode or “Classic” mode. The first will list the alerts according to the most recent changes, while the second will sort them according to projects.


The “Report” feature allows you to schedule reports and have the tool email them to up to four different email addresses.

SERPWoo Reports
SERPWoo Reports

This is a great way to automate reporting for clients if you’re doing SEO for them and to regularly give them an update on your progress.

You can always send yourself a preview of the report before sending it to your clients to ensure that it contains all the necessary information and is formatted exactly as you intended.

You can alter the reports’ colors and logo, add notes, pick which data will be included in them, and specify how frequently SERPWoo will send them to you.


The Online Reputation Management (ORM) capabilities of SERPWoo are connected to the “Monitoring” feature of the tool.

You can keep track of all online mentions of your brand and particular keywords using this feature. You can check out what customers are saying about your company on social media, read the reviews they leave on portals and discussion boards, find out when your company is mentioned in a blog, and more.

While by no means a game-changer, SERPWoo’s “Monitoring” feature can give you a good idea of the online reputation of your brand.

Keyword Finder

Through its keyword finder, SERPWoo assists you in discovering new opportunities, such as high search volume keywords that you can rank for.

Using the seed keyword you supply, the tool generates keyword groups based on relevance. It shows monthly search volumes for each keyword in the group, giving you a solid idea about other keywords you can create content around.

The keyword finder on SERPWoo, however, is more of an extra feature than a stand-alone one. It is completely inadequate compared to the capabilities of tools for keyword research like Ahrefs, SEMRush, and Moz.

We recommend primarily using SERPWoo for its keyword tracking capabilities, rather than its keyword research feature. 




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