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Snapchat became popular for providing quick exchanges between people, especially when using short videos, thanks to its micro-messaging system. These videos are limited to ten seconds and disappear once the recipient sees them. Snapchat’s unique feature allows you to quickly film your reaction to something and share it with a friend while remaining confident that no one else will see it.

Stop a Snap from Sending on Snapchat
Stop a Snap from Sending on Snapchat

For instance, you recently discovered a jacket of your dreams on sale! And you want to share your overwhelming happiness with your best friend right away. That’s easier than ever thanks to Snapchat, which makes a daily conversation much more personal. As if you were accompanied by a friend.

Due to the simplicity of sending a Snapchat, you may send a message to an unintended recipient. And that could make things awkward.

If this occurs, you have a few options for retrieving your message before the recipient sees it. We’ll go over those options in this article.

Stop sending the chat message

There are ways to prevent a message from reaching its intended recipient if you accidentally sent it to the wrong person. Naturally, you’ll have to act quickly.

Deleting the Message from History

First, we’ll try to delete the message before it reaches your intended recipient. This will work as soon as you press the ‘Send’ button. Simply press and hold the chat message and select ‘Delete.’

Tap Delete once more. For both you and your recipient, this will remove the message.

Unfortunately, this method has two disadvantages.

The recipient will first receive a notification that a chat has been deleted. Second, a Snap message will not work with this. But this isn’t a cause for alarm. Below are some more options.

Activating the Airplane Mode

Because you can’t retract a Snap, you can use a workaround to prevent it from sending.

Disconnecting your device from the internet will prevent Snapchat from uploading and sending the message to the incorrect recipient. You can accomplish this in a variety of ways.
Airplane Mode is useful in this situation. This will disconnect any current connections on your phone, preventing Snapchat from sending a message. If using Airplane mode on your phone isn’t the most convenient option, you can try turning off the connections on your own.

Simply swipe down from the top of your screen and tap the airplane icon to quickly enable Airplane Mode on an Android device. Swipe down from the right side of the screen and tap on the airplane icon on an iPhone.

When you turn on Airplane mode, the network is immediately disconnected. You might catch the Snapchat message before it sends if you’re lucky.

Disabling Internet on Your Phone

If you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network, turn it off first. After that, quickly turn off your phone’s mobile internet. Toggle off the wifi icon by following the same instructions as before (it looks like a piece of pie).

Also, if you happen to be sitting next to your Wi-Fi router, unplugging the power cord may be the quickest way to disconnect. If the router’s reset button is accessible, you can also do so. Remember that if your device supports cellular communication, the message will still be sent using this method.

Prevent Others from Seeing the Sent Chat Message in a Group

There are ways to prevent others from seeing the message if you weren’t able to stop it from going out. Also, keep in mind that any messages read, whether by a single person in a dedicated chat or by everyone in a group chat, are automatically deleted by Snapchat.

You can now delete each message separately thanks to a new Snapchat feature. Of course, this only applies to messages that are not read by others. You can only delete a message in one-on-one chats if the other person hasn’t read it. A message in a group chat can only be deleted after it has been read by everyone in the chat.

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Stop a Snap from Sending on Snapchat
Stop a Snap from Sending on Snapchat

To delete a message, tap and hold on the message, until the context menu appears. Tap “Delete” at the bottom of the menu to delete it. Although nobody will be able to read your deleted message, be aware that Snapchat replaces it with a notification. This informs other people in the chat that you’ve deleted what you’ve sent.

Although the Delete option is a pretty useful addition, Snapchat may not be able to delete each and every message. This largely depends on the app version the other side uses. If they don’t have the version supporting this feature, Snapchat can’t delete your message. Also, if the other side isn’t online at the moment you’ve deleted the message, they’ll be able to see it until they get back online.

Also, it’s important to note that this feature doesn’t work for Snapchat videos.

Delete Snapchat Videos Before They’re Seen

As previously stated, the “Delete” feature will not assist you with sending videos. There is, however, a workaround for this as well.

Block that person in your Snapchat app as soon as you realize you’ve sent an awkward video. They won’t be able to see the video if they receive it this way. Because Snapchat messages are only temporary, you only need to wait 20-30 seconds before proceeding to unblock that contact.

Un-snapping Your Messages

With the ability to delete messages sent through Snapchat, there will be fewer awkward situations caused by inappropriate messages. Whether you sent a drunk message to your ex at 2 a.m. or a video of you and your friends goofing around to your business partner, you can now redact everything in a few simple steps.

Is the “Delete” option useful to you? What is the most embarrassing message you’ve ever sent? Please share your thoughts and experiences in the section below.

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