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the best Tinder hacks?

It’s understandable that you’re looking for the best Tinder tips. With men outnumbering women on this popular dating app by nearly three to one, attractive women can afford to be picky.

To get the most out of Tinder, you have to show her why you’re better than the competition flooding her inbox, whether you’re looking for a committed relationship or a hookup.

the best Tinder hacks?
the best Tinder hacks?

We’ve gathered the 10 best Tinder hacks from around the web to help you improve your profile and messaging so you can get her to say “yes” to a date.

Tinder Hack #1: Treat Your Bio Like An Advertisement Tinder

The best ads, according to Tinder expert Blake Jamieson, are memorable because they grab your attention right away, and he recommends using the same principles in your bio.

An easy-to-skim bio like this one, which highlights a few appealing qualities, piques her interest and encourages her to continue reading:

Tinder Hack #2: Message Her First

CamMi Pham, a dating consultant, once received 2,015 matches in 17 hours and discovered that only 25-30% of the men initiated contact.

So, unless CamMi sent a message first, 70% of her dating app matches went nowhere.

Don’t let your matches go out on any of your apps.

One of the simplest ways to stand out on Tinder is to take the reins and send an icebreaker message!

Make the first few words of your conversation starter count; she’ll only see them while scrolling through her inbox, so if they don’t grab her attention, she’ll move on to the next guy.

Tinder Hack #3: Tweak Your Profile Regularly

Making small changes to your profile on a weekly basis can help you gain more exposure. Because Tinder’s algorithm rewards active users who engage in positive behaviors by displaying them to more people, this is the case.

You don’t need to make any changes. Simple tweaks include rotating the photos in your lineup. Changing a line or two in your bio, or selecting a new set of “Interest” badges.

The more diverse interests you mention in your profile, the more likely your profile will be featured in Tinder’s Explore hub’s “search by interest” feature. Each feed focuses on a single shared interest, such as social causes, cooking, pets, and so on, and it’s a simple way to get your profile in front of more potential matches.

Tinder Hack #4: Be Instantly Likeable

On dating apps like Tinder, women typically don’t spend much time thinking about which way they’ll swipe.

In fact, women form an opinion about you in less than a tenth of a second after seeing your photo.

Including certain elements in your photos can increase your chances of getting the right swipe.

If you want a boost in matches, dating expert Molly Fedick recommends holding a cute puppy. Conversely, shirtless mirror selfies may result in more left swipes.

Tinder Hack #5: Have Female Friends Choose Your Photos

It’s critical to get feedback on your photos.

Gather your photos and ask your female friends to rate them. This not only eliminates the bad ones, but it also allows you to choose the best 3-5.

Make the most popular one your main image.

You can also get feedback by uploading your potential photos to a website like PhotoFeeler. The more female voices, the better.

Tinder’s Smart Photos feature is useful because it rotates each photo into the primary position and determines your most popular photo-based on how each one performs – but keep in mind that if all of your photos are poor, it may just determine the best of the worst.

Tinder Hack #6: Ask Her Out – The Right Way

We’ve learned at VIDA that the best way to ask her out is to suggest coffee or drinks.

Thousands of online conversations that resulted in dates for our male clients were analyzed by our team of online dating experts, and giving her two activity options doubled the acceptance rate.

Coffee takes about 30 minutes. If you propose dinner and a movie, she’ll be concerned about being stuck with you for hours if things don’t go well.

You can also avoid the “Tinder Food Stamp” date, where women use the app solely to score free dinner and have no interest in pursuing a relationship by suggesting a latte.

Tinder Hack #7: Don’t Always Swipe Right

Tinder’s algorithm penalizes users who swipe right 100% of the time, so make sure you swipe both ways.

Upgrade to Tinder Gold instead. You can see all of the Tinder users who have “liked” you, which means a right swipe equals an instant match.

Tinder Hack #8: Suggest A Public Place

Online dating safety tips for women abound, and a DatingAdvice.com poll found that 75% of men and women would prefer to meet somewhere rather than be picked up by their date.

Instead of offering to pick her up, put her at ease right away by suggesting a public location and asking her to meet you there.

She is far more likely to say “Yes” if she is at ease in the situation.

Tinder Hack #9: Get Her Number Early

Women don’t give their phone numbers to every match; if she does, it’s a good sign she’s interested in going on a date.

Getting her phone number early on in the conversation ensures that you’ll be able to reach her even if she deletes her profile.

Tinder Hack #10: Leave It To The Pros!

Of course, outsourcing Tinder to dating experts is the best hack of all.

No more swiping endlessly on your phone looking for people with long-term relationship potential.

Allow us to handle everything; all you have to do is show up for dates with amazing people who meet all of your ideal partner criteria!

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