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(Image credit: The NFTits Club)

Here’s an NFT project with a name that will make headlines. The NFTits Club is a catchy name that implies a lot – yet this isn’t just for titillation’s sake.

This NFT art collection was created by women for women, with the goal of empowering women, promoting body positivity, and inspiring change.

The NFTits Club is genuine and meaningful; it is art, not a joke or a celebrity cash grab.

Naturally, The NFTits Club is an NFT project, which causes some confusion.

Non-fungible tokens are one-of-a-kind digital tokens that are safeguarded on a blockchain and have a limited supply.

The NFTits Club aims to support women and good causes (Image credit: The NFTits Club)

As NFTs gain popularity and frequently make news for the wrong reasons – frauds and thefts do occur – the best initiatives are those that have a purpose, and even better if they can support causes, are inclusive, and impact change. The NFTits Club’s objective is to donate 30% of its income to female-focused charities that help women’s development, equality, and medical assistance around the world.

The NFTits Club’s creator, Billie Van Der Veen, says, “We will be able to donate £500,000 to charity if we reach our goals with our debut. Not only that, but we want to be able to reach individuals all over the world with our message of female empowerment and wellness, as well as promote financial freedom for everyone in our community through trading, rather than simply those who ‘traditionally’ benefit from such investments.

To commemorate liberate the nipple day, the NFTits Club will release a collection of 7,777 images of women on March 26th. The illustrations depict a wide range of female body images, with many of them being inspired by friends and family of the artists who have faced cancer or discrimination. The collection aspires to capture all-female bodies’ strength and attractiveness.

“We also get a lot of advice and inspiration from our wonderful community, which is so supportive of what we’re doing. They all have their unique reasons for joining The NFTits Club, and it’s extremely exciting to hear about them “Van Der Veen agrees.

She continues, ” “It’s why we started this initiative in the first place, and it’s what fuels our desire to make a positive difference and reach as many people as possible. We are reminded why we are doing what we are doing when we hear from others about why they are involved or why specific pieces in the collection mean so much to them.

The art is personal and has been inspired by friends and family (Image credit: The NFTits Club)

The NFTits Club’s launch brings to light some alarming facts concerning NFTs. Women own only 16 percent of NFTs and 30 percent of crypto, according to Van Der Veen. “We still have a lot of work to do to get more people on board with our vision,” she says, “but we truly feel that by supporting female artists, we can positively raise their voices.

To be viable, The NFTits Club’s founder believes that NFTs must have a purpose and utility. The goal of this art collection is to empower women, but it also has a broader scope. She claims that artists will benefit from a “new era of investment” that will help “previously marginalized communities.

She goes on to say: For those interested in our cause, elevating female musicians and the message of female empowerment through a cause that simultaneously helps your own financial development is a great opportunity. It goes without saying that the future of NFTs must come from organizations and programs that are searching for ways to make the world of trading a more inclusive area in order to ensure that this great step continues to grow and produce change.


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