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How To Use Snapchat Without the iPhone or Android App

I was recently asked if it was possible to use Snapchat without having to download the app to your phone. I initially said no, but after some research, I discovered that you can, sort of. If you install Snapchat on your Windows PC or Mac, you can use it without the mobile app.

Use Snapchat Without the iPhone or Android App
Use Snapchat Without the iPhone or Android App

Because Snapchat is a self-contained social network controlled by the app, it is impossible to use it without downloading it in some form. If you can’t install Snapchat on your phone for some reason, you can use it on your PC or Mac instead. It’s not quite the same as using it without the app, but it’s close.

Snapchat is a well-known app, and if you’re reading this, you already know how cool it is and want it in your life. While it was created to work on phones, it can also be used on computers with a little tweaking.

Can You Use Snapchat Without the App?

Snapchat does not have a Windows or Mac app. Instead, we’ll need to set up an emulator. If you’re unfamiliar with emulators, they’re pieces of software that allow your computer to perform tasks that another device can. An emulator will imitate the app store in this case, allowing you to download Snapchat.

I use Nox because it is both free and effective. It also comes in Windows and Mac versions, making it ideal for this situation. To log in and download Snapchat, you’ll need a Google account, which is the only other requirement for this to work.

Install the Nox emulator

Nox is an Android emulator that mimics the native environment in which the app runs. It basically makes Android apps think they’re running on a phone when they’re actually running in a phone simulator. The majority of apps run smoothly and without any issues. A game or app may occasionally have issues with the emulator, but this is not the case with Snapchat.

Snapchat works flawlessly on Nox, and everything will work fine as long as your computer has a webcam or camera built in.

  • Download Nox for Windows or Mac from here.
  • Install Nox and log in with your Google account.
  • Set up your computer camera so you can take Snaps.
  • The installation process is very straightforward and works as an installation of any other app. You will need to log in with a legit Google account to get the Google Play Store working to be able to download apps. Aside from that, you can use Nox however you like.

Using other emulators for Snapchat

Most Android emulators work in the same way as the phone and will run Snapchat and other apps just as well. I prefer Nox because it is reliable, free, and only installs what it requires to function. There are plenty of other emulators to choose from, so you don’t have to use Nox if you don’t want to.

Bluestacks is an excellent Android emulator for Windows, Mac, and Linux, but it is not free. It will cost around $5 per month to get it up and running. It might be worth the investment if you’re a developer or frequently use phone apps on your desktop. Otherwise, Nox or similar programs work fine.

Snapchat has made no mention of desktop apps or plans to expand beyond the phone, and is unlikely to do so in the future. There are plans to add a camera app for Windows and Mac, but I’m not aware of any details at this time. Snapchat is a mobile app that is perfect in its current state. If you want to experiment with it on your computer, now you know-how!

What Can You Do With Snapchat on a Computer?

Apart from downloading an emulator to use Snapchat in a web browser, you can manage your account by logging in to Snapchat using your preferred web browser. Go to Snapchat’s website and select the ‘Login’ option. You can manage a variety of options from here, including passwords, ads, and account unlocking.

You can delete your account and any logged-in devices that you don’t use anymore. Surprisingly, you can save all of your Snapchat data to a file on your computer by downloading it from the web browser. The website allows you to view your entire Snapchat history, including blocked friends, deleted accounts, and login history.

What adds to the enjoyment? By logging in and selecting the ‘On-Demand Geofilters’ option, you can create and submit your own filters. This is a feature you should try if the filters and lenses provided in the app aren’t enough for you.

FAQ : Use Snapchat Without the iPhone or Android App

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