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It is not always necessary to spend money in order to make money.

There is plenty of free material available, and you can now learn how to design online.

Here are twelve free ways to get started (start Learn Design) if you want to get into design or work on freelance graphic design jobs.

start Learn Design

1. Learn the History of design

You may believe that the evolution of design is unimportant.

But knowing the cultural and technical developments that have led to current trends is critical for being the best designer you can be.

See DesignHistory for a thorough look at the history of design.

Try DesignIsHistory for a more pop-cultural approach.

2. Understand the Basic of Terminology

Please do yourself a favor and read this. It’s a simple vocabulary to get you started with industry jargon.

3. Navigate the Design Blogosphere

You’ve already gotten a head start on this.

Creative Market is simply one of many design blogs that are well worth reading.

Spend some time identifying blogs that speak to you and you’re aesthetic.

DesignTaxi and Smashing Magazine are two sites we suggest.

4. Research the Greats

Spend some time getting to know the ideas and views of outstanding designers from the past. There is a lot to learn from the geniuses who have influenced our industry,

so pay close attention to them. Begin with these game-changers: Saul Bass, Paula Scher, and David Carson.

5. Study Other Designers’ Work in Online Marketplaces

The internet is the most effective medium for young designers to showcase their work. Examine what is selling and what isn’t,

and attempt to figure out why certain designers are popular while others aren’t.

6. Use Free Adobe Alternatives

If you’ve been in this industry long enough, you’ll ultimately have to accept one truth: design software isn’t cheap.

Use the many free alternatives accessible until you can purchase the professional tools.

Pixlr is an excellent Photoshop substitute.

Inkscape is more similar to Illustrator/InDesign.

Snapseed (iPhone) and Snapseed (Android) are fantastic on-the-go creative tools for your smartphone.

7. Take Free Online Classes

Design school may be rather costly. You may save money by learning to code and design online. CodeHS and Code.org are two excellent free learning resources.

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