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Beast titan

The Beast Titan is the same as ever. It’s a bit larger than the others, but that’s far from all. Its pitching assault is an unprecedented, awe-inspiring weapon. Quote2.png
— A Marley analysis of Zeke’s Beast Titan[2]
The Beast Titan (獣の巨人 Kemono no Kyojin?) was one of the Nine Titans. Typically, it was slightly larger than most Titans and took on an animal-like appearance.

Zeke attack on titan

The Warchief of the Warriors, the true identity behind the Beast Titan, and the main antagonist for most of the series. Zeke is the first-born son of Grisha Yeager with his original wife Dina Fritz, and therefore, the older half-brother of Eren Yeager. He initially appeared within Wall Rose after the capture of Annie at Stohess and transformed the people of Ragako Village into Titans in order to test the military’s response to the threat. He takes command over Reiner and Bertolt soon afterward, promising to end their long battle. Zeke is a mysterious and manipulative person whose actions are shadowed in mystery even to his fellow Warriors and superior officers in Marley.

Considered a paragon of the Eldian minority’s loyalty towards Marley from an early age, Zeke is a prodigious wielder of the Titan’s power due to his ability to control other Titans, and is by far the greatest and mightiest of the “Warriors”, earning himself a voice in the inner circle of the Marley military’s high command as the de-facto internal leader of the Warrior Unit and the flag-carrier for its cause.

Zeke attack on titan

What episode does Levi fight the beast Titan

 Levi fight the beast Titan

It was in episode 17 of season 3 (part-2).

The episode’s name is called a hero.

In this episode Beast, titan found out the hard way what would happen if he underestimates Levi, Poor soul XD.

Who wiped the floor with Beast titan!!

Zeke And Levi Round 1:

The first meeting between Levi and Zeke took place in Season 3. Zeke was in Beast Titan mode, and he was wreaking havoc. He even massacred the entire crew of Erwin on Paradis Island, killing many soldiers. He was the primary cause of Erwin’s death. Levi rushed towards Zeke after swearing to avenge Erwin. He finished the battle in less than ten seconds and humiliated Beast Titan. Zeke was able to flee the battle thanks to Titan, but he soon realized that Levi is no joke and that he is Humanity’s most skilled soldier. You can catch up on the action in Attack On Titan Episode 56.

Zeke And Levi Round 2:

The second encounter between Zeke and Levi took place in Season 4 of the Attack on Titan television series. The Zeke was kept in a secluded location far away from Eren, under Levi’s watchful eye. Zeke made his move and mic’d his blood in the wine, and people were literally drinking the same wine with Zeke’s blood in it out there. When Zeke yelled, every soldier transformed into a Titan. Levi was completely taken aback. He had to kill his friends eventually, and when Zeke tried to flee, Levi caught him and dismembered him. He hacked away at half of his body. This happened in Season 4 Episode 14 of the show.

Does Zeke die or not?

The second episode of ‘Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2‘ was recently released for international fans. And after watching the latest events, anime fans wonder if Zeke dies in the new episode. Well, here’s everything you need to know about it.

Zeke die attak titan

Eren put up an incredible fight against Armored and Jaw Titan in the most recent episode. Eren’s situation became even more difficult as a result of Pieck’s attacks from afar. Beast Titan, on the other hand, appears at the last moment to assist his younger brother in the fight.

Eren is finding it difficult to get closer to Zeke after taking some serious hits from Jaw and Armored Titan. However, Beast Titan tries to buy Eren as much time as possible by bombarding Armored, Cart, and Jaw Titan with rubble.

For a while, everything goes according to Zeke’s plan, and Eren keeps getting closer to him in order to make contact. Pieck, on the other hand, uses a ‘Sneak Attack’ on Beast Titan, injuring him with a bullet. Some of Zeke’s body parts are blown up as he falls to the ground in that scene.

Levi vs beast titan episode


Fans were perplexed and shocked when the Beast Titan made his debut in the Attack on Titan Season 2 premiere, causing one of the most gruesome deaths in the show’s history. Rather than being the main villain of Season 2, this new massive talking Titan was relegated to a supporting role as a tangential force of nature for the duration of the 12 episodes. Everything he did only served to raise more questions about his identity and motivations, with little in the way of answers.

If the teaser at the end of Season 2 is any indication, the monstrous monkey will have a much bigger role in the future. But, in the end, we’re left with a lot of unanswered questions. Why does he appear to be so dissimilar to the other Titans? How is it that he is able to communicate? What makes him think he doesn’t know about vertical maneuvering gear? What are his abilities? What does his mission have to do with Reiner and Bertholdt, if at all? What are his abilities? What does his mission have to do with Reiner and Bertholdt, if at all?

Some of these answers can be found in the manga.

Extreme Attack on Titan manga spoilers follow, which may spoil the anime’s upcoming third season for you.


The Beast Titan is said to be the most powerful of all Titans due to its unique abilities, which are primarily due to Zeke’s bloodline as a member of the royal Fritz family. It also helps that the Beast Titan stands 17 meters tall, slightly higher than the Armored Titan and Eren’s Titan forms, both of which stand 15 meters tall.

Zeke has the ability to command mindless Titans, as he demonstrated in the Season 2 premiere, as well as create new Titans from any ordinary Eldians, as the citizens of Ragako discovered.

Who Are The Titans In Attack On Titan? beast titan’s first appearance

The following part consists of spoilers for all Seasons of Attack on Titan, If you haven’t seen the series and don’t want to spoil the experience we suggest you stop right here.

As the first season progresses we find out that Eren Jaeger has the ability to turn into a Titan, suggesting that the other Titans out there had to have some connection to human beings. After all their appearance, with limbs and features, greatly represented nude human beings. 

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