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What is Elon Musk’s IQ? 2022

Humans are very good at guessing things they don’t know by collecting all the guesses and averaging them. By taking the average of the guess numbers, Francis Galton discovered that crowds came within 1% of guessing the number of beans in a jar at a fair.

My estimate is 215 based on his previous aptitude tests, his ability to read and apply technical information, and his ability to use numbers to make process changes that are unprecedented in the history of a complex industry.

What is Elon Musk’s IQ?
What is Elon Musk’s IQ?

Because I studied Elon Musk specifically to guess his IQ and have successfully predicted how he would think in some areas, I believe I am better qualified to make this estimate than the average person.

Elon Musk passed Amazon founder Jeff Bezos to become the world’s richest person on January 7, 2021. The CEO’s stock and options were worth $ 10 billion after Tesla’s (NASDAQ: TSLA) stock rose 6% in the same week.

According to Bloomberg’s real-time billionaire tracker, Musk’s total net worth was $ 209 billion at the time of publication. Bezos, on the other hand, has a net worth of $ 186 billion and is currently $ 23 billion behind.

Musk’s intelligence and prowess as a businessman, however, are undeniable. From Zip2 to PayPal, Tesla, and SpaceX, the CEO has a long list of accomplishments. He was recently given the moniker “true iron man.”

I’ll go over everything (or at least the majority) you need to know about Musk in this article, from his IQ to his personality, business, lifestyle, investments, and bold innovations.

What is Elon Musk’s IQ? 2022 let’s go …

Elon Musk has a high IQ. The truth is that no official data exists to support Elon Musk’s IQ. It is, however, estimated to be around 155. Most people’s IQs in some settings range from 85 to 115, with the average being 100.

Over 95% of the world’s population has an IQ of less than 130, while notable minds like Hawking and Einstein have IQs of around 160. If you’ve taken your IQ test, however, there’s no need to be sad. as well as the fact that it falls below 100.

In reality, an IQ test consists of a series of psychological tests designed to evaluate your cognitive abilities. A high IQ does not guarantee success, and a low IQ does not guarantee failure.

So, what was Elon Musk’s motivation? Was it due to a high IQ, or were there other factors?

This is known as modeling his strategies in NLP. It’s something along those lines, honed by guessing people’s IQs based on documentation and then seeing the actual numbers. For what it’s worth, I’ve gotten pretty good at these guesses and am usually within 2-5 percent.

My estimate of his IQ would be higher, but when I spoke with Elon face to face about some issues that were critical to his larger goals, I was astounded to learn that he had not considered the consequences.

Some of these questions should have been asked by genuine journalists, and if Musk’s answers had been published, they would have led to scientific criticism.

155 is still quite high, and I’m sure it’s well above the average IQ of most billionaires. Musk has a higher estimated IQ than any of the 18 billionaires I know.

After more than 32,000 views, not a single person has given me a different number. (Of course, that will change now that I’ve written that sentence.)

If I were a data scientist (yes, they exist, and they’re in high demand), I’d consider that 32,000 without a different number a pretty interesting result, and just as relevant as someone’s claim about their IQ presented without evidence.

What is Elon Musk’s IQ?

Have you ever seen someone claim to have a high IQ and then offer to take a test to prove it?

No, I don’t believe so. Who would argue that someone claiming to be Elon Musk came onto Quora and said, “My IQ is 200,” would settle the issue any more than my answer?

You can always argue or ask another question if you’re skeptical. And what would Elon get in return for saying this?

What is Elon Musk’s IQ

There would be a backlash against saying this if his IQ was 160 or higher – genius level, according to popular acclaim with no scientific basis – and thus no incentive to go to this point. Why not just leave my number alone if it’s lower?

Someone freaks out about this answer several times a week, so I bring it up. It’s amazing how many people are offended by this question, my response, or both. On Quora, I have around 300 questions and answers, but this one irritates people like no other.

People frequently post on Quora to the effect that IQ is unimportant. What this Elon Musk IQ question has taught me is that some people become emotional when discussing someone’s IQ, and anything that causes people to become emotional is the polar opposite of irrelevant.
To put it another way, your opinion of people who guess IQs reveals more about you than it does about the person doing the guessing. If someone’s point of view irritates you, you should bring it up in your next therapy session. He is above average, perhaps even brilliant, but nowhere near the level of Nikola Tesla or Isaac Newton.

What is this based on?

Much of the technology is based on technology that has been around for decades (like lithium batteries in electric cars and crystalline silicon in solar panels). Edison had an electric car that participated in a 1000 mile endurance run in 1910, as an example of age-old ideas.

Elon didn’t always get straight A’s in high school and college, but that doesn’t always matter. Graduating summa cum laude, on the other hand, can demonstrate academic mastery.

His “crazy” abilities are frequently based solely on the work of other engineers—engineers who have claimed that Elon’s math, science, and programming skills are far below their own (which would be true unless those skills are regularly exercised).

Elon has repeatedly taken credit for the work of his employees, as most visionaries do. There’s nothing wrong with that…just keep in mind that he isn’t doing everything himself. He’s the one who comes up with new ideas, not the engineer.

Elon is accused of having a photographic memory, but he does not. Hundreds of people have pledged their support for Elon throughout his life. He relies heavily on others to remember things for him. Elon’s long-serving secretary, who he eventually fired, claimed she was in charge of the majority of his life.

Elon has had a lot of successes, but he’s also had a lot of failures. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with this. It simply demonstrates that he is a human being. Elon has given hope to fields that are dying or on the verge of dying. That does not, and should not, necessitate a high IQ.

Elon has never taken an official IQ test—and I doubt he ever will—but if I had to guess, his IQ is in the 145–155 range, not the 200–250 range as some claim. Money may be the most important factor lowering Elon’s [publicly perceived] IQ score.

Extreme genius has never been cultivated by opulent lifestyles (only full immersion in the subject matter can do that). The more money Elon amasses, the further he will stray from the genius of people like Edward Witten, Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Michael Faraday, Leonardo da Vinci, and so on.

When genius is forged in the crucible of academic or professional adversity, something special happens.
My main concern is Elon’s treatment of his employees, which is appalling. He has a South African temperament, which means he’s a firecracker. In the engineering community, he has a dreadful, borderline psychotic reputation.

What makes Elon Musk different?

I’m sure you’ve learned a few things about Musk. Finally, I’d like to address the question of what distinguishes Elon. Is it his IQ that makes everything he touches turn to gold, or does everything he touches turn to gold?

As I previously stated, having a high IQ is no guarantee of success. In fact, there are many people who “fail” despite having high IQs. Being intelligent does not imply that everything will be handed to you on a silver platter.

Musk has an uncanny ability to notice things that others miss. Musk, oddly enough, does not refer to himself as an entrepreneur or a businessman. He describes himself as a scientist, an inventor, and an engineer. Kimbal, his brother, put it perfectly when he said:

[Musk] has a unique ability to see things in a way that no one else I know can. If you are a grandmaster at chess, there is one thing you can see 12 moves ahead of time. And Elon can see how things are progressing in any given situation.

Editorial Reviews

“[Vance] relates suspenseful accounts of technical and financial crises, conducts tours of Musk’s factories… and brings his story up to the beginning of 2016.

Overall, the author paints a picture of a brilliant and determined individual…

A contemporary American success story that is neither overly earnest nor unreservedly adoring.” (Source: Kirkus Reviews)

“For young readers, an informative and easy-to-follow biography of one of today’s top innovators.” (Booklist)

“Vance keeps a lively pace and explains the cutting-edge technology in a way that is both understandable and exciting…

For its insights into Musk, technology, and venture capitalism, this book is highly recommended for high school and ambitious middle school readers.” (According to School Library Journal)

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