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What is wrong with Jeff Bezos’ eye?

First and foremost, thank you for confirming that I’m not alone in my morbid fascination with celebrities whose eyes “each seem to be in business for themselves,” as Seth MacFarlane once joked about a famous, non-Jeff Bezos figure.

Bezos does have a significant amount of right ptosis, as well as some right miosis. Ptosis (silent ‘p’) is a medical condition in which the upper eyelid droops (or eyelids). When an eyelid droops too far, it reduces the field of vision by partially or completely blocking the pupil of the eye.

What is wrong with Jeff Bezos’ eye?
What is wrong with Jeff Bezos’ eye?

Mr. Jeff Bezos is unlike most paycheck-to-paycheck CARPs (an acronym I just made up: Celebrity Asymmetrical Retinal Positioning) because his wealth, stature, and large personal security detail raise the specter of serious bodily harm if one, say, approached Jeff Bezos and asked a few pertinent questions:

  1. “Have you been cross-eyed all your life, and are you still cross-eyed?”
  2. “Did your eyes cross even more in an exaggerated reaction to the divorce court’s decision when your now-ex-wife was granted a $38 billion divorce settlement?” “Did your eyes cross in the first place after you intentionally crossed them in a comical reaction to something?”
  3. “Do you agree with your cockeyed brethren’s efforts to replace the term ‘cross-eyed’ with the more specific acronym CARP?” Are you interested in buying the rights to CARP from Jonathan Bates, the man who coined the term?”
  4. “Could you please give me a $5,000 Amazon gift card?” It’s not like you’re not making $5,000 per minute. “Do me a favor, Jeff.”
  5. “When young children see your deranged eye and recoil in fear or begin sobbing as they point at ‘the bad man who looks at everything all the time,’ do you feel:

(a) Irrational rage that can only be satisfied by exacting vengeance on the child and those who love him?
(b) Isn’t it a shame that not even all the money in the world, combined with unparalleled success in human history, couldn’t make up for your undisciplined, distracting ocular multitasking? Would you be willing to give up your wealth, possessions, and power if your vision was more human and less parrot-like?
(c) Appreciation for the fact that any children you have or may have in the future will be raised by Belgian nannies and will refer to you as Mr. Father on the rare occasions you visit them or listen in on their Alexa recordings?”

  1. And: “If your eye condition is the result of a brutal assault or a genetic condition, none of these questions were from Jonathan Bates. I would hate for any insensitivity or gross failure of etiquette to affect your decision-making on your pending purchase of the global perpetual licensing rights to the acronym CARP.”
  2. “Where are we on that free Amazon gift card, by the way?”

What is wrong with Jeff Bezos’ eye?

EYE ASYMMETRY: Eye asymmetry in various degrees is common, perhaps even typical. The right eye of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos appears smaller in this photo (due to ptosis, or droopy right upper eyelid), but there could be another explanation, such as the bulging left eye.
Uneven eyes can be caused by a variety of factors, including differences in eyelid position, orbit (eye socket) size, and eyeball size or position. Asymmetric eyelids, among other things, are a common pathology.

It’s possible that the cause is inherited or acquired. It could be a purely cosmetic problem, or it could be indicative of something more serious. Jeff Bezos is a firm believer in getting adequate rest. He does not use an alarm clock and wakes up naturally every morning.

First and foremost, we must ask ourselves: Which of your eyes is abnormal? Is it the one that appears to be set more deeply (right) or slightly protruding (left)? Because which of these has the greatest impact on the answer?

A brief google image search of Jeff Bezos’s images shows that the condition goes back to age 5.

It was present before that, but the few baby pictures under age five have head tilts or shadowing, making conclusive interpretation impossible.

So here is what we know:

  • Whatever it is, it dates back to at least the age of five.
  • The appearance remains consistent over time. It hasn’t changed much in appearance since it was five years old. It’s highly unlikely that the cause is progressive. It’s a crucial one: a young age of onset combined with the fact that it’s nonprogressive rules out a lot of dystrophies and myopathies. It also eliminates the possibility of cancer.
  • The entire facial presentation must be admired:
  • His features are symmetrical on both sides of his face.
  • His grin is perfectly symmetrical.
  • There are no scars visible.

Here is what we don’t know:

  • Is Jeff Bezos recovering from an injury or surgery?
  • Is the color of his eyes the same?
  • Is the size of the pupils the same?
  • When he looks in different directions, does the magnitude of the difference appear to be the same?
  • Is there some underlying systemic issue that needs to be addressed? We’ll have to make do with this remaining a mystery because I doubt his medical history is available on the internet (and hope it isn’t for his sake).

What could be the cause of that ailment that started in childhood and hasn’t gotten any worse? It was a one-time event, not something progressive, according to logic.

The old adage “If you hear hoofbeats, think horses, not zebras” comes into play here.

There are hundreds of possible causes, but Horner’s syndrome or injury are the two most likely.

Because congenital Horner’s syndrome is often associated with iris heterochromia, knowing about eye color would be helpful.

Because the pupils in Horner’s are unequal, it would also be useful to know about pupil size.

A traumatic Horner’s or an exophthalmic eye can result from an injury. From there, we can only speculate on a bungee cord mishap (which happens all the time), a preschool fistfight (four-year-olds can be monsters), or bicycle riding without a helmet (oh, the horror!).

A stork was pecked in the eye by a sword fighting with a curtain rod (seen that one) (yep, noticed that one too).


BB gun by Red Ryder (I had to throw that one in there for you Christmas Story aficionados)

Whatever it was, I’m sure all the people who bought AMZN at $1.73 back in 1997 are glad it didn’t affect his entrepreneurial spirit.

Does Jeff Bezos have a glass eye? 2022

It appears to be ptosis, as others have already stated. The other responses don’t explain why they might have ptosis or why it’s not a glass eye.

People who have had infectious diseases, accidents, or drug abuse are more likely to develop ptosis. These are not the causes in his case, in my opinion.

However, it is more common in older people (50+), a category to which he now belongs at 56 years old.

It could be the result of a stroke or cancer, but I don’t believe this is the case with him (despite being in the risk category for a stroke).

Instead, a more likely culprit in his case is either old age diabetes (he does an awful lot of diabetes fund backing, which could indicate he either has it himself, or he knows someone close to him who has it, I’m speculating a bit here)).

Another likely culprit is particular neurological disorders, autism spectrum disorder belonging to that category which some say he does have.

Somehow for not entirely understood causes, some elderly with ASD appear to be more vulnerable to developing ptosis.

The gene AUTS2, which also plays a role in male pattern baldness (he is indeed very bald), is thought to be involved.

Jeff Bezos is known for having a wandering eye. He divorced his former wife, MacKenzie, as a result of that wandering eye he couldn’t control turning its gaze to Lauren Sanchez.


“Why doesn’t he just fix his lazy eye?” someone commented on his picture, which was available, as I was discussing something related to Jeff Bezos and Amazon with other people. He’s got a lot of cash.”

This question caused me to ponder some philosophical issues. Jeff Bezos’ eyes appear to be unevenly sized in many of his photographs. Why wouldn’t he try to fix it?

To fix his eye, he’d have to have surgery on a very sensitive part of his body. There would be dangers, pain, and inconvenience. What was he going to get out of it?

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