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When it comes to colorimetry, light brown hair and dark blonde hair are two very close shades. They are more muted shades than, say, golden blonde. Giving it lightly with reflections or highlights of more intense color is ideal for these colors.

What’s the Difference Between Very Dark Blonde and Light Brown Hair? – Dirty Blonde Hair: Very similar, dark blonde and light brown hues are not always easy to distinguish. We explain what differentiates these two hair colors.

What’s the Difference Between Very Dark dirty blonde & Light Brown Hair?
What’s the Difference Between Very Dark dirty blonde & Light Brown Hair?

The difference between light brown and dark blonde is only one shade.

  • light brown 6
  • dark blonde 7

Of course, if you read it that way, it says nothing, but I’ll give you an example so you understand it completely.

Assume you want to draw a picture.

Is it the same to add a little white to brown as it is to add a little black to yellow?

Certainly not!

They’re two entirely different colors.

  • Light brown(light brown) is a mixture of brown and white.
  • Dark blonde is a mixture of yellow and black.

 It means that the dominant color in light brown is brown, and in dark blonde, it is yellow. Do you see the difference now?

It appears to be minimal, but it is not.

The traditional color palette is divided into browns and blondes by that shade of difference.

But do you know which hair color complements your skin tone the best?
Do you know what color looks best on you based on your age?
Which of the two colors is preferable based on the length of your hair?
Today, I’d like to talk to you about all of this and much more.

Let’s get this party started!


If you want to dye your hair to change your look and give your style a new look but can’t decide between these two shades, I’ll guide you through the process with a series of tips based on your skin tone.

Although they are two very similar tones, the dominant colors are completely different, as I previously stated.

  • If your skin is ashen, you should go for dark blonde.

This will give your eyes depth and make a perfect frame for your face.

  • If your skin is pale or neutral, you can choose any of the two shades since you have the perfect skin for any hair color you want to wear.
  • If your skin is brown, you should choose light brown.

The brown tones are perfect on dark skin, softening the expression features. This tone will take several years off you, making your skin look smooth and wrinkle-free.


All women want to hide their age, so they use any beauty treatment they can get their hands on.

When it comes to youth, everything works, from surgeries to creams.

But, how can you make your hair look younger?

Light blonde tones are always the most popular among women with gray hair.

It’s because light blonde perfectly conceals them.

However, light blonde is no

Light brown is ideal for women between the ages of 50 and 60.
Regardless of skin tone, this hair color will give you light without highlighting wrinkles or fine lines.

I always tell my clients not to use shades lighter than light brown because they will act as a highlight on their faces.

t a tone that makes you look younger or older; it is neutral.

What do I mean by this?

If you already have some wrinkles or expression lines and use a hair color like dark blonde, the frame of your face will light up.

As a result, your flaws will be more visible, and you will gain years.

As a result, light brown is recommended for more prominent women.

The same thing happens to a dark blonde.

Dark blonde is recommended for women between 30 and 40 years old.

This tone will highlight your eyes and features; with proper makeup, you will be the center of attention at any party or meeting.

Light brown is not recommended in this case because it dulls the features and darkens the appearance, adding years unnecessarily.

If you are under 30, you can choose the tone you like the most.

Of course, you haven’t yet reached the age where you have to be concerned about wrinkles or expression lines.

But, even if you can consider your hair type, do you know what color to use for your hair?


Who doesn’t fantasize about Rapunzel’s hair? Or is it Snow White’s concern? Or even the brave princess’s defiant orange curls?


Now tell me, how do you picture the light brown sleeping beauty?

It’d be terrible, wouldn’t it?

Generally, long hair is always blonde and short hair is brown.

If your hair is straight, you can choose either of the two shades; it will look great and you will not be disappointed.
If you have curly hair, I recommend a light brown color because the curls in the sun will give you golden sparkles that will illuminate your entire look.

If you have short hair, I recommend a dark blonde color. Blondes always give the illusion of longer hair, so if you expect your hair to grow out this color, it will appear longer.

If your hair is long, you can choose any two shades; both light brown and dark blonde look good on even and healthy hair.

What’s the Difference Between Very Dark Blonde and Light Brown Hair?

Because the world of hair color can be so complex, this is a big question that can be difficult to answer. Hair color is constantly changing due to fashion, hair trends, and different hair color manufacturers.

Blondes On The Color Wheel

Blondes generally fall between the lightest blonde at Level 10 and the darkest blonde at Level 6 on the hair color wheel that many hair colorists use.

These colors can range from very hot to very cold in the spectral range. Some color wheels may classify medium to dark blonde as levels 6 or 7.

Brunettes On The Color Wheel

A light golden brown could be classified as a Level 5. Brunettes typically fall between Levels 5 and 2, encompassing both warm and cool tones.

The darkest brunette or black, such as blue-black, could be assigned a rating of 1. A very dark golden blonde could be classified as a level 5, while the lightest golden brunette could be classified as a level 6.

Colors On The Color Wheel

Hair color wheels can be smooth or rough, depending on the hair color manufacturer. Traditionally, the colors on the wheel are as follows:

  1. Lightest Blonde – Platinum
  2. Very Light Blonde
  3. Light Blonde
  4. Medium Blonde
  5. Dark Blonde
  6. Lightest Brown
  7. Light Brown
  8. Medium Brown
  9. Dark Brown
  10. Black

Difference Between Very Dark Blonde And Light Brunette

In general, a very dark blonde and a light brunette will appear very similar. What’s the distinction? It can be difficult to tell the difference between a dark blonde and a light brunette. The blonde’s base will have more golden tones, while the brunette’s base will have more brown tones.

Is dirty blonde hair considered light brown?

My hair is dirty blonde. I prefer “honey blonde” over “dirty blonde” not only because “dirty” sounds derogatory, but also because “honey” is more descriptive. My hair is much darker now that I’m 39. I occasionally wonder if I turned brown, but the general consensus is that I did not. I’m always referred to as a blonde.

I believe it has less to do with the medium undertone and more to do with how my hair catches the light. Light brown lacks the highlights of dark blonde.

Is mousey-colored hair dark blonde or light brown?

It’s a light to medium “ash” brown in color. The term is derived from brown mice, which can be colored in this manner. Most brown hair has a hint of red undertones, giving it a chestnut or mahogany hue.

People with ashy or limp hair don’t have these undertones, or at least not in sufficient quantity to be visible on the surface. As a result, their hair looks like in the photos above. The color looks great on people with cool or olive skin tones, giving them an earthy and natural appearance.


Light brown and dark blonde is different shades with other effects according to each woman.

Depending on your age, style, and hair, you can decide which one to apply.

Do you already know which one is the best for you?

Blond or blond hair is a hair color that is distinguished by a lack of eumelanin, a dark pigment. The visible tint that results is determined by a variety of factors, but it is always yellowish in color. The color can range from very pale blonde (due to an uneven and rare pigment distribution) to reddish blonde or golden brown. Blondism refers to the condition of being blond, particularly the appearance of blond features in a predominantly dark or colored population.

When it comes to hair color, it can be difficult to know where to start. Each of these, however, has its own set of codes and variations. Dark blonde and light brown are frequently confused. It’s not surprising given that these are the two shades with the most similar tones! But we forget that they all have unique characteristics.

Dark blonde and light brown are absolute classics due to their natural tones. They have cool tones and are often described as dull, which is a far cry from the classic golden blonde.

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