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Gerard-Piques & Shakira
Gerard-Piques & Shakira

Gerard Pique has been in the limelight yet again,

this time for alleged adultery, with claims saying he was having an affair with Gavi’s mother.

Pique’s marriage to Shakira may be jeopardized as a result of this relationship, and it’s even been reported that Pique is already living in another apartment. All of this is genuine, according to El Periodico, a Spanish magazine that recently published new facts about Pique’s alleged infidelity.

Know Who Gerard Pique’s New Girl Is? Is she Gavi’s mother, is he married to Shakiri, what is their age difference, and what is their love story?

Pique was meeting with a young blonde female, 20, who is a student and an event hostess in Barcelona, according to El Periodico journalists Lorena Vazquez and Laura Fa. Her true identity, on the other hand, has remained unknown for the time being. According to the publication, Pique was seen with this woman multiple times, and Shakira was told.

While rumors have surfaced that he is having an affair with Gavi’s mother, these stories are incorrect. In the days leading up to their split, Shakira and Pique are expected to deliver a statement.

Is it feasible that Pique and Shakira could call it quits?
After meeting during the 2010 World Cup, Pique and Shakira began dating but never married. They’ve been dating for a long, and the Colombian singer recently relocated to Barcelona with the player to establish a family. Milan and Sasha are their two daughters. Pique and Shakira are 10 years apart in age, with Pique being 35 and Shakira being 45.

The couple’s relationship appears to be strained, as some parents at their children’s school have stated that Shakira and Pique haven’t picked up their children together in a long time.

Shakira is said to have brought her children on a family holiday to Ibiza in May, but Pique was not present. He is claimed to be living alone in an apartment in Andorra at the time of the El Periodico article. A statement will be published soon, according to individuals close to the couple, however, it’s unclear whether this is to reject the claim or to announce their breakup.

After falling in love during the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, there are rumors that Gerard Pique and Shakira’s relationship is strained. Despite having two children, Milan and Sasha, during their 12-year relationship, the couple is still unmarried. Pique has returned to his bachelor apartment on Calle Muntaner in Barcelona, and it appears that the two aren’t getting along at the moment.

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